Sonya Kara’s Chore Charm App: The Ultimate Organizational Tool for Kids


Grade 5/6 2024 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Winner - Sonya Kara

Sonya Kara, a bright and innovative Grade 5 student at SLI The Sidney Ledson School, has developed an extraordinary app designed to help kids stay organized, manage their time, and even choose their outfits. Her Chore Charm App is set to revolutionize the way children approach their daily tasks and responsibilities, combining task scheduling, chore management, and outfit planning all in one user-friendly platform.

The Problem and Solution Sonya identified a common problem: many kids struggle with organization and time management, and some even feel pressured about their appearance. Her app addresses these issues by providing a comprehensive tool that helps kids create custom schedules for homework and chores, seamlessly integrating tasks from Google Classroom. Additionally, the app includes a unique outfit generator that uses AI to help kids choose their clothes, reducing the stress associated with daily dressing.

Unique Selling Points The Chore Charm App stands out for its multifunctionality. It allows users to schedule tasks, manage chores, and generate outfits all from one platform. The app also incentivizes task completion with a reward system, encouraging kids to stay on track with their responsibilities. For children with ADHD and ASD, the app offers structure and routine, which can significantly improve their time management and organizational skills.

Market Research and Financials Sonya conducted thorough research, revealing a strong demand for her app among students from Grade 4 to college. The development and operational costs are carefully calculated, with a total first-year cost of $24,124. Sonya plans to price her app competitively at $4 per month or $48 per year, significantly cheaper than similar apps on the market. With a goal of reaching 1,000 users in the first year, her projected profit is $23,876.

Marketing Strategy Sonya’s marketing plan includes advertising on popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, targeting both parents and students. She also plans to leverage free social media videos to showcase the app’s features and benefits. By strategically investing in advertising, Sonya aims to attract a substantial user base and make her app a household name.

Judge Feedback Avi Zur, General Manager at Toronto Auto Brokers, praised Sonya's detailed presentation, saying, "I really like your idea. I think it would help with many fights at my household with my four kids." Nika Sanguellini, owner of The Injectionist and Aesthetics, remarked, "Very well researched. I love seeing visual representations of your market niche." Jennifer Donovan, lawyer and owner of Jay Donovan Law Group, added, "You covered everything I would be looking for in a business plan. Great job!"

Conclusion Sonya’s Chore Charm App is a groundbreaking tool that addresses a common problem with a modern solution. Her innovative approach, detailed business plan, and strong marketing strategy have earned her the top spot in the Grade 5/6 category. Sonya’s dedication to improving organization and reducing stress for students ensures that her app will have a lasting impact.

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