Spotlight on Innovation: Jaylen's Digital Agenda Triumphs at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2024


Grade 4 2024 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Winner - Jaylen’s Digital Agenda

The 2024 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge witnessed remarkable entrepreneurial talent, and among the standout participants was Jaylen (representing SLI the Sidney Ledson School), whose innovative "Digital Agenda" captured the attention of judges and audiences alike. Hosted by Jasmine Kara, this event celebrated the ingenuity of young minds, and Jaylen's project shone brightly, earning him the prestigious Judge’s Choice Award and the Community Choice Vote for the Senior Division.

Jaylen's Presentation: The Digital Agenda

Jaylen, a creative and forward-thinking student, introduced the concept of the "Digital Agenda"—a practical solution aimed at helping students stay organized and environmentally conscious. His presentation was both comprehensive and engaging, demonstrating a deep understanding of his target market and the challenges faced by students and educators alike.

Concept Overview:

  • Product: Digital Agenda
  • Target Market: Schools, specifically targeting school owners and principals
  • Pricing: $1 per student, offering a significant cost-saving compared to traditional physical agendas
  • Environmental Impact: Reduces paper usage, contributing to environmental conservation

Key Features:

  • Accessibility: Students can access their agendas from anywhere, using any device.
  • Ease of Use: Simplifies the process of tracking assignments, tests, and reminders.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents can access the agenda, helping them stay informed and support their children's academic responsibilities.

Financial Model:

Jaylen meticulously detailed his cost structure and profit potential:

  • Amazon Web Services: $6 per year for web hosting
  • School Fairs: $50 per fair, with plans to attend multiple fairs
  • Marketing Calls: $25 per hour, estimating a significant customer acquisition rate

Projected Financials:

  • Annual Revenue: $10,600
  • Total Cost: $481
  • Estimated Profit: $10,119

Jaylen also emphasized his plan to reinvest in improving the website, ensuring it remains user-friendly and incorporates more features, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Judges' Feedback:

The judges were impressed by Jaylen's thorough research, realistic financial projections, and the potential impact of his Digital Agenda. Avi Zur noted, "I absolutely love your idea and I think it's quite practical. Your profit seems to be really good, and this could really take off." Nika Sanguellini praised the environmental aspect, saying, "I use something like this because especially business owners have a lot of different things to keep up on. There's definitely a big market for that."

Community Choice Vote:

Jaylen's presentation resonated with the audience, earning him the Community Choice Vote for the Senior Division. This accolade reflects the broader appeal and potential market success of his Digital Agenda.

Looking Forward:

Jaylen's Digital Agenda is poised for success, with a clear market need, a well-defined financial plan, and a compelling value proposition. As he continues to refine and expand his product, Jaylen is set to make a lasting impact in the educational technology sector.

Congratulations to Jaylen for his outstanding achievement at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2024. His innovative spirit and dedication to making a difference are truly inspiring.

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