Wellness of Life Enterprises: Redefining Health in Sacramento

Excellence in Digestive Health and Holistic Wellness

Amid rising demand for effective and compassionate health solutions, Wellness of Life Enterprises, INC. has distinguished itself through exceptional service and innovation.  Wellness of Life Enterprises, INC., located in Sacramento, CA, has recently been awarded the prestigious 2024 People's Choice Trust Award for its exceptional services in the digestive health and holistic wellness niche. This accolade recognizes the company’s unwavering commitment to ethical standards, innovative practices, and outstanding customer accountability. Led by its visionary founder, Angela Harris, Wellness of Life has set new benchmarks in the wellness industry, earning the trust and admiration of clients and industry experts alike.

Wellness of Life Enterprises, INC. Receives Trust Award for Superior Wellness Services

A Journey of Faith and Dedication

Angela Harris, the founder of Wellness of Life Enterprises, INC., has over three decades of experience in the health and wellness industry. Her journey began with a deep-rooted faith that inspired her to open her clinic 18 years ago. Angela’s commitment to holistic health and community service is evident in every aspect of her business. She shares, "Dedicated to serving in the health and wellness industry for 31 years, I opened my clinic 18 years ago with courage and determination inspired by my faith. I am diligently committed to educating, strategizing, and profoundly progressing people’s lives."

Innovative and Holistic Health Solutions

Wellness of Life specializes in digestive health, offering services such as Colon Hydrotherapy, a unique brand of systematic supplements, and herbal tinctures. The clinic is renowned for its personalized care and innovative approaches to wellness. Angela's extensive experience and continuous pursuit of knowledge have enabled her to develop effective health solutions that cater to the specific needs of her clients.

One satisfied client, Laura B.Abellán, praised her experience: "Angela was kind and professional and she guided me amazingly throughout the session. I felt safe and listened to, which gave me calmness. She answered all of my questions, and not only the process, but also the little things like the aromatherapy she allows you to choose, or all the information about hydration, minerals, and wellness she shares are so welcome. I will repeat for sure, such a good first experience."

Commitment to Ethical Standards and Customer Accountability

Wellness of Life’s commitment to ethical standards and customer accountability is a cornerstone of its operations. Angela believes in the importance of continuous education and personal development to connect with clients effectively. "We consistently continue our education and proficient personal development, allowing us to connect with our clients' concerns effectively. Established in the community, we value referrals, existing clients, and nurture our online presence," says Angela.

This dedication to ethical practices has not only earned Wellness of Life high ratings on various platforms but also fostered a strong sense of trust among its clients. Kashmere F, another long-term client, attested to this: "I absolutely LOVE Angela/Wellness of Life! You are guaranteed to have an inviting, warm, friendly, holistic experience visiting this cozy/zen-like wellness center. I’ve been a client now off and on for close to 10 years and will not go anywhere else for these services! The results from Angela’s hydrotherapy cleanses are AMAZING as well as the herbal cleanses and other products that are offered. Definitely worth more than 5 stars!!!"

Recognized for Excellence

Angela Harris and Wellness of Life have been widely recognized for their contributions to the wellness industry. Some of their notable achievements include:

  • 2024 Cal Matters published business article
  • 2024 Featured Ad in Natural Practitioner Magazine
  • 2024 Leader in Business Award from Winner Magazine Online
  • 2024 Leading Professional Award from Winner Magazine Online
  • 2024 #1 Faith Business Summit Virtual
  • 2023 BNS Business Recognition
  • 2023 ABC10 News Interview
  • 2023 Studio 40 Fox News Business Week Interview
  • 2023 UC Davis Film Festival, featured in Documentary
  • Awarded ABC10 Business of the Month October 2022
  • IMAX and Guild Theater 2022, Wellness of Life in Documentary for Uterine Health

Client-Centric Approach

Wellness of Life's client-centric approach is integral to its success. Angela emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing clients' unique needs. This philosophy is reflected in the comprehensive range of services and products offered at the clinic, including digestive health supplements, holistic nutrition counseling, and wellness coaching.

Lea, a local guide, shared her positive experience: "Angela was very articulate, beautiful, and knowledgeable. She knows her stuff with 20 years of experience; you're in the right hands. I recommend her to all my friends and colleagues for life all around the world. This is one of the best places I've been to for colonic. I had an awesome experience and will be back. The place was so clean I could eat off the floor. I was impressed with Wellness of Life."

Looking Ahead

As Wellness of Life continues to grow, Angela Harris remains committed to her mission of promoting holistic health and wellness. She is currently working on her third book and plans to expand her educational programs and community outreach initiatives. Her vision for the future includes further supporting small businesses and legislative efforts to enhance online presence.


Wellness of Life Enterprises, INC. exemplifies excellence in the wellness industry. Under Angela Harris's leadership, the company has achieved remarkable success through its innovative health solutions, commitment to ethical standards, and exceptional customer service. The Trust Award is a testament to their dedication and the profound impact they have on their clients' lives.

For more information about Wellness of Life Enterprises, INC., visit wellnessoflifeproducts.com. Connect with Angela Harris on Instagram @livewellnessoflife or email at wellnessoflife@gmail.com.

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