Exciting New Startups Bring Innovative Solutions to Everyday Problems

 Exciting New Startups Bring Innovative Solutions to Everyday Problems

Date: June 19, 2024

This article is by 10-year-old Mensa representative, Sonya Kara, in collaboration with BNS News.  Several interviews and app vetting was also conducted by fellow 10-year-old Mensa representative, Maya Kara.

Some amazing new companies are coming up with incredible ideas to make our lives easier and more fun. These companies were discovered by talking to people presenting at the Collision tech conference this June. Here’s a look at some of these exciting companies and what they offer. Plus, we’ll also share the inspiring story of Charith Perera and his company, TDot Performance, later in this article. 

Bujjify: Fun Activity Kits for Babies and Toddlers

Bujjify is a new company that sends out fun activity kits for babies and toddlers every two months. 

These toys are made of soy-based materials, and edible paints that are safe for kids. They also have an app that helps parents choose activities that fit their child's personality. Right now, they focus on kids up to one year old but plan to expand to kids up to three years old.

Flow Studio: Personalized Projects for Students

A new service is helping students with their science fair projects by using AI to generate ideas based on their interests. 

Students input their likes and preferences, and the AI analyzes this information to come up with a customized science fair project. The service even connects students with mentors from universities to help them complete their projects. They are currently looking for schools interested in participating, with a strong presence in South Korea and plans to expand globally, starting in Toronto.

Gibbly: Easy Quiz Creation for Teachers

Gibbly is helping teachers by providing a tool that makes creating quizzes quick and easy. 

Teachers enter the topic, grade level, language, and number of questions, and Gibbly generates a quiz. These quizzes can be customized and include different question types like true/false and multiple choice. Teachers can use them in games like Kahoot or print them out. Gibbly is currently available in Ontario and plans to expand across Canada. It's priced at $5 for the first year and $12 for the second year.

GourmetBot: Your Personal Kitchen Helper

GourmetBot aims to revolutionize cooking at home.

 This bot can pick out, prepare, and even chop vegetables, acting like a human assistant in the kitchen. The expected price is around $1500, and the accompanying app notifies users when their food is ready.

Multivent: Simplifying Event Planning

Multivent is making event planning easier by connecting organizers with vendors.

 Users can create events, find vendors, manage guest lists, and sell tickets all through the platform. The system handles transactions with a 10% vendor fee, making planning efficient and hassle-free. This startup is already live and helps streamline the entire event planning process.

Pathathon: Personalized Learning Paths

Pathathon is perfect for people who love learning, especially about sports. 

Users select their interests and get tailored content, including blogs and information. It also features an AI-driven chatbot for extra help, and it’s all free!

Reserve Winter: Hassle-Free Winter Sports Booking

Reserve Winter helps families book winter sports trips like skiing and snowmobiling. 

The platform simplifies planning and booking for large groups and offers discounts based on bundle selections. It’s designed to make booking trips easy and is free for users initially.

Smart Interview Coach: Improve Your Interview Skills

Smart Interview Coach helps users improve their interview performance by analyzing behaviors like eye contact, posture, and fidgeting. 

Aimed at students and job seekers, the app provides feedback and coaching for a polished presentation. It costs $15 and acts like a personal coach to ensure users make a great impression.

Marsix Solutions: Eco-Friendly Disinfectant

Marsix Solutions has created a disinfectant from salt water. 

This non-toxic product can also be used as mouthwash and in skincare products. Priced at $50 per gallon, it promises a 40% increase in lifespan for users and harnesses natural antiviral properties for effective sanitation.

Inspiring Youth Entrepreneur: Charith Perera

Charith Perera, who started TDot Performance, is super inspiring for young people like me. Even though he has a tough illness called Crohn's disease, Charith began his business when he was just 20! TDot Performance is now the biggest online store in Canada for car products and accessories. They are working on a cool new platform to change and lead the car industry. Charith's story shows us that we can chase our dreams no matter what challenges we face.

These startups are using technology and innovative ideas to solve everyday problems, making our lives more convenient and enjoyable. It's exciting to see how these new companies will continue to grow and impact our daily lives!

About the Author: This article was written by Sonya Kara of Mensa’s Gifted Youth Group.

BNS News is dedicated to fostering youth brilliance by providing young talents with a platform to share their insights and creativity. We believe in empowering the next generation to explore, innovate, and lead with confidence.

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