Everett’s Veggie Sidekicks: Making Vegetables Fun and Tasty


Junior Division Community Choice Winner - Everett’s Veggie Sidekicks - 2024 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Everett, a creative young entrepreneur, has captured the hearts of many with his innovative business, Veggie Sidekicks. His idea not only aims to make eating vegetables more enjoyable for kids but also promotes healthy eating habits through a fun and interactive approach.

The Problem and Solution Everett recognized a common issue: many kids find it challenging to enjoy vegetables. To address this, he developed Veggie Sidekicks, a range of flavorful powders that can be sprinkled, dipped, or mixed with vegetables to enhance their taste. These powders come in exciting flavors such as pickle, garlic bread, pizza, and even chocolate and candy, making vegetables appealing to children.

Unique Selling Points What sets Veggie Sidekicks apart is its simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike traditional vegetable dips and dressings, these powders are not messy and do not require refrigeration, making them easy to use and convenient for school lunches and snacks. Additionally, they are dairy-free, catering to children with dietary restrictions.

Market Research and Financials Everett’s target customers are parents who want their kids to eat more vegetables and enjoy doing so. He plans to sell his product both online and in stores that sell vegetables, such as grocery stores and local markets. His business model includes selling individual shakers and larger sets, providing flexibility for different customer needs.

The cost to produce one shaker of Veggie Sidekicks is $1.14, and Everett plans to sell each shaker for $2, resulting in a profit of 86 cents per unit. With a goal of selling 1,000 shakers in the first year, his projected profit is $860.

Marketing Strategy Everett’s marketing strategy includes creating flyers, attending local food markets, and leveraging social media to reach parents and children. He also plans to collaborate with parenting magazines and run ads to increase awareness about his product. By engaging with the community and showcasing the fun and health benefits of Veggie Sidekicks, Everett aims to build a loyal customer base.

Judge Feedback Avi Zur appreciated Everett’s clarity and thoughtfulness, saying, "I like how you introduced yourself and everything was very clear and thought out." Nika Sanguellini was impressed by Everett's approach, commenting, "I like the variety of flavors and how it makes eating vegetables fun." Jennifer Donovan praised Everett's innovation, adding, "Excellent job. It makes me want to eat vegetables."

Conclusion Everett’s Veggie Sidekicks is a brilliant solution to a common problem, making vegetables fun and tasty for kids. His innovative approach, combined with a strong business plan and community engagement, has earned him the Community Choice Award. Everett’s dedication to promoting healthy eating and his entrepreneurial spirit make him a standout young business leader.

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