2021's 10 Highest Paid CEOs in the World

Becoming a CEO of a reputed company takes a lot of effort and devotion. You need to have a zeal to excel at what you do and always think out of the box. Once you achieve the dream of leading a big corporation, you will get all the fame you ever hoped for. If you also aspire to be a CEO and are looking for some inspiration from the top-paid CEOs of the world, then here’s a list of the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in the world in 2021.

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1.       Elon Musk

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The CEO of Tesla and many other innovative companies like SpaceX, The Boring Company, Open AI, and others, Elon Musk, is at the top of this list. He recently dethroned Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, to be the richest man on the planet. At just 49 years of age, the CEO is an inspiration for everyone-

2.       Chad Richison

The CEO of Paycom had a modest start as a salesperson and then incepted Paycom (where he still holds a 14% stake). He is also the creator of the Green Shoe Foundation, an NGO that helps improves people’s mental health.

3.       Amir Dan Rubin

The CEO of One Medical, Rubin, is the 3rd highest-paid CEO in the world. He was also the EVP of UnitedHealth Group from Jan 2016 to Aug 2017.

4.       John Legere

A 63-year-old and a skilled American businessman, Legere has worked with many brands like Dell, AT&T, and Global Crossing. He is also known for being the CEO (Former) of T-Mobile United States.

5.       Tim Cook

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The CEO of one of the biggest technology companies, Apple, Tim Cook, hardly needs an introduction. He has led the company since 2011 and is recognized for being a leader who values the inputs and opinions of his people.

6.       Thomas Rutledge

The CEO of Charter Communications was born in Pennsylvania, and he has held many prestigious positions with brands like Cablevision and Time Warner Cable.

7.       Joseph Ianniello

Also known as Joe, he is the Chairman of CBS Entertainment. He has been with the company since 2018 and has done wonders in his rich life of 53 years (till now).

8.       Larry Culp

The CEO and The Chairman of General Electric was born in 1963. He was also the first outsider that has led the business. He completed his education at the reputed Harvard University.

9.       Chris Nassetta

The CEO of Hilton Worldwide is also the richest CEO in the world. The company has 18 brands spread across more than 6,000 hotels that have a reach in 119 nations.

10.   Mike Sievert

Last on the list is Mike Sievert, who got his education at Education: University of Pennsylvania and is currently the CEO of T-Mobile US. He has led the company as the CEO since May 2020 and holds more than 40,000 units of T-Mobile US Inc stock.

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