15 Affordable Car Mods That You Can Try Today!

We all love our cars and look at all the features when we buy these beauties. But, like everything else in the world, the features of cars keep on changing, and upgrades are always needed. If you want to make your car stand out but don't have the mood or financial resources to buy a new one, then here's a list of 15 affordable car mods that you can try today!

1.       Headlight Covers

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If you want to protect your headlights from damage, you can go for new headlight covers. They can change the look, shape, and color of the headlights instantly and can be installed easily.

2.       Fog Lights

While many cars do have fog lights, some cars don't. If yours doesn't, you can buy light bulbs with different types of lights and colours and change the look of your car quickly. You can add them to the front bumper on your own.

3.       Seat Covers

Don't like the stains or tears on your car's old upholstery? Go for attractive seat covers for front and back seats. We recommend you pick leather ones from the numerous styles, colours, and material options you have.

4.       Windshield Wipers

To add an accent color to your car, you can pick windshield wipers available in many styles and colours. They make your car look cooler.

5.       Dice in The Mirror

If you want to add a uniqueness quotient to your car, these are the perfect answer!

6.       Remove the Front License Plate

To give a more stylish and classier look to your car, you can do it. Just make sure that the law in your city/country allows it.

7.       Door Lock Accents

To add a bling factor to your car, you can pick door lock accents that look charming on cars of all makes and models.

8.       Phone Holder

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If you often like to be on your phone (for work or personal reasons), you need to install a phone holder in your car and avoid the possibility of dropping your phone when someone hits the breaks.

9.       USB Charger

If you are a gadget lover, you also need to add a USB charger to charge most of your gadgets when driving or just enjoying a ride in your car.

10.   Steering Wheel Covers

 Steering wheel covers allow you to make driving more fun and often attract the eye. They also make holding the steering wheel more comfortable!

11.   Tire Covers

Tire covers are good for you if you own a truck or jeep where a tire is always there as a part of the car's decor.

12.   Video Screens

If you often want to keep yourself or others entertained in a ride, you can order video screens online and attach them to the car to make a personalized infotainment system.

13.   Floor Mats

If you often eat in the car, or your family/friends do, you would be wise to have floor mats in your car that are easy to clean!

14.   Door Lights

You can make your car more appealing to people who sit in it regularly by installing fun coloured door lights that can be installed in a few minutes!

15.   Add Decals

        Image Source- https://unsplash.com/photos/pEgwBmpqODU

There are a huge variety of car decals available in the market. Pick the ones that enhance the beauty of your car and stick them on. It's as easy as one-two-three.


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