How to Live Stream Your Wedding

A wedding is undoubtedly the most important part of a person's life. Due to some reason or the other (like the coronavirus pandemic), some people cannot make it to your wedding. To ensure that they participate somehow, you can choose to live stream your wedding. It's trendy, it's cool, and it's easy. Here's everything you need to know about live streaming your wedding!

How Much It Costs?

Live streaming your wedding with the help of a professional can cost you thousands of dollars. A simple and wiser way to do it is to do DIY or ask a friend/family member to do it for free. Just make sure you use the right equipment and tools, and the outcome would be good!

How to Live Stream Your Wedding for Free

Some free streaming platforms are Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram TV, Twitter Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitch, Vimeo, Apple FaceTime, Google Meet, and Dacast. The equipment you choose can vary from your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or even a GoPro.

If the wedding ceremony is outdoors, you can invest in external microphones. If you want to stream it as a professional does, you can even use a radio mic. Both are gadget equipment investments that will pay off if you use them right!

How to Make Your Wedding Livestream a Success

It's easy, remember these expert tips:

·       Make sure the venue has a smart and stable internet connection with no interruptions or buffering issues.

·       Set up the equipment ahead of time to not have to worry about any last-minute mishaps.

·       Please send a link to all the guests in advance so that they can be prepared to attend the event well in advance.

·       Decide whether you want the guests to participate or sit there and watch the ceremony.

·       Please make sure everyone attending the event personally know where the camera is so that they don't accidentally step in front of the camera and ruin the virtual wedding experience for your virtual guests

·       If you want the camera to remain stable and you are using a camera or a mobile, you should invest in a tripod so that it doesn't fall off accidentally,

·       Check the camera's position to ensure that it doesn't come in the way of performing the ceremony.

·       Test the live streaming process in advance to ensure its success on D Day.

·       Place the camera in such a position that everyone, including the virtual guests, can hear every word. If that's not possible, ask a friend or a family member to keep them posted by giving a live commentary of what's happening.

·       Check the quality of videos and ensure that you also have the option of saving the recording for the future

·       Pick the starting and ending time for the live stream and share it with every guest (especially virtual guests) to ensure no one misses anything accidentally.

·       Charge the device to the max so that you don't lose power during exchanging of rings or other important moments that make a wedding memorable!

Sounds good? Here's a link that will lead you to the best live streaming equipment that fits every budget.

Here are a few live streaming professionals who you might hire if you need a professional.


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