Public Schools vs. Private Schools - Which is Better?

When looking for a school for your kid, you obviously want what's best for them. But do you know what's best for them? Would your kid do better in a private school or a public school? Keep scrolling to find the answer.

To help you reach a decision, we have compiled a list of the benefits of private schools and public schools. Read through them and then decide which is the best option for your kids.

Benefits of Private School

·       Your kid will get more one-on-one time with the teachers as the class sizes are usually small.

·       More parental involvement as the school will update you on everything.

·       Many private schools have a good reputation in the renowned higher education institutions across the globe.

·       Many private schools help almost all students get admission into the first-choice university.

·       Private schools also allow options like international exchange programs, advanced placement, faith-based schools, or International Baccalaureate.

·       More focus on extracurricular activities (like music, art) and sporting activities.

·       Most of the teachers hold advanced degrees and a better understanding of students' minds.

·       Private schools have more freedom in general governance and designing the curriculum.

·       Less bureaucracy and more focus on even kids who are introverts or shy.

·       Most private schools meet or exceed the standards set by the province, city, or state.

Benefits of Public School

·       The education in public schools is free as tax dollars of Canadians pay for them.

·       Several public schools offer special programs or courses like special needs, math, arts, etc.

·       Students don't need to pass extensive tests to get admission.

·       School boards oversee public schools and ensure they are run smoothly.

·       Many public schools have cutting edge equipment and many resources.

·       Students are usually grouped according to the geographical area, and it helps them to do out-of-school socializing.

·       The teachers in public schools can also be well educated and qualified.

·       Finding financial aid is easier if you want admission to a public school.

Who's The Winner?

From the points mentioned above, it is clear that parents who can afford it should put their child in private schools as they are way better and give more exposure to kids. However, public schools are also improving with time, and they are now better than before.

A lot also depends on the needs and requirements of the family as well. Some parents prefer to get their kid admission into a school nearer to the home, while others think that access to high-tech tools is mandatory when picking a school. You should do what's best for your child and keep your child in the loop when picking the best school. After all, it's their life.

Also, the track record of the school should matter more than its status. If a public school in your vicinity has helped students get to the universities, they love to follow their passions, you should prefer it to private schools. Do your research, and only then will you find the right match. Good luck!


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