Meet Canada's 2021 Top Rated Etsy Vendor- Kass Reich – Who Likes Painting All Day Every Day with Joy!

When you search for Canada's 2021 top-rated Etsy vendor, you will come across this name- Kass Reich. As a creator of some of the most attractive, appealing, and awesome-looking art prints, Kass likes to spend her time painting all day, every day, and with joy in her heart. It is quite evident that for Kass, art prints are not just business. They are her passion.

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With more than 2,500 sales on Etsy, 5 out of 5 stars, and multiple 5-star reviews (many of which were posted in the last seven days), this is an online destination you need to check out if you want to purchase art prints in Toronto, Canada. Buyers are raving, and it's evident by the fact that the artist has about 2,600 sales and over 3,400 admirers.

Currently, the store has 97 appreciation-worthy pieces, all of which are on sale! Out of the total 97, 45 belong to the Animals category, 14 are print sets, 18 are landscapes, 3 belong to the plants' category, 3 are customizable, and 8 are minimalistic prints. (As the art sells fast, this number might change when you read this article.) Interested buyers can also place custom orders and get them shipped quickly, anywhere in Canada and the US!

Who's the Artist Identified as Canada's 2021 Top Rated Etsy Vendor?

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Now that you have heard a lot about Canada's 2021 top-rated Etsy vendor, it's time to know the person- Kass Reich. Born in Montreal, Canada, she works as an artist and educator who likes sharing her knowledge, skills, and talent with the world. As an avid traveler, she has spent the majority of the last decade traveling and living abroad.

Kass was always a curious person and a great learner. She graduated with a degree in Art Education from Concordia University, then moved to Beijing, where she worked as an early childhood educator for nearly three years.

Working with the little ones inspired her to start making picture books for very young learners. After Beijing, she explored different parts of the world like Hong Kong, London, England, and even Melbourne, Australia. She now finds herself back in Canada, but this time in Toronto and is doing what she likes best- painting all day, every day with joy!

Is Canada's 2021 Top Rated Etsy Vendor Worth the Hype?

When searching for Canada's 2021 top-rated Etsy vendor, people expect something exceptional. That's what Kass Reich Art Prints seems to be. The art pieces have raving customer reviews (all of them verified). Most reviewers seem to agree that the quality of the products is unparalleled, the paper is of superior quality, and the print is magnificent. Some reviews also thought that the art looks like real watercolor.

Most of the reviewers used the creative pieces to decorate and re-decorate their personal spaces and became fans of the unique and gorgeous pieces that were delivered to them via fast shipping. Reviewers also liked Kass's idea of providing additional beautiful postcards with every purchase, and some liked them enough to frame them too!

All in all, Kass Reich Art Prints deserves to be Canada's 2021 top-rated Etsy vendor. You will agree to it if you have a look at her art here. If you like to order directly via Etsy, you can click on this link


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