How to Start Selling on Amazon- A Short Guide for Beginners

Whether you already have a thriving e-commerce business or are a budding entrepreneur, you can easily sell on amazon and make good money. After all, the huge brand has 300 million active customers in over 180 nations and 15.9 million unique visitors in Canada only. To help you understand how to start selling on Amazon, here’s a short guide that beginners would probably like.

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Follow the Six Simple Steps

To start selling on Amazon, you need to follow the six simple steps mentioned below.

1.       Decide what you want to sell- You can browse different categories and decide which category is ideal for you.

2.       Pick a selling plan- Compare the plans offered by Amazon and pick one that suits you most.

3.       Publish the products- The next step is to add products to the online store using an Add a Product Tool. Sellers who chose the Professional Selling Plan can upload all products in one go.

4.       Start selling- After listing the products, you need to wait for customer interest and respond to product queries to help steer customers in the right direction.

5.       Start Shipping- Once you get an order from Amazon customers, you need to ship the product to the customer ASAP.

6.       Get paid- Once the product is received, Amazon will deposit payment into your bank account and notify you about the same.

How to Upload the Products Correctly?

Uploading products correctly is a key element of the selling process. To ensure you do it right, remember the following:

Ensure that the products are new and fit into one of the categories listed on Amazon.

The products must also have barcodes (EAN or UPC).

The images of the products should have a white background and meet the size limit of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

You need to mention the key features of the products like brand, material, color, model number, and measurements.

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How to Register on Amazon as a Seller in Canada?

You can choose among two plans offered by Amazon to all sellers, Individual Plan or Professional Plan. If you choose the individual plan, you need to pay CDN $1.49 per sale. If you opt for the Professional plan, you need to pay CDN $29.99 per month. An individual plan is ideal for selling fewer items first and testing Amazon as a seller. A professional plan is ideal for people who want to sell more and earn more.

Things You Need to Get Started as an Amazon Seller in Canada

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To complete your registration as a seller on Amazon Canada, you will need to provide the following:

> A bank account number

> A bank routing number

> Your tax information

> A chargeable credit card

A government-issued national ID 

> Your phone number

Being a seller on Amazon is easy and has many rewards if you are dedicated and offer unique products. To know more about the process of becoming a successful Amazon seller in Canada, click here.


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