The Freedom Phone says, "Goodbye, rules!"

The age-old battle between censorship and freedom of speech has historically favoured the censorship side - and who are we to say that is a bad thing?  Imagine an internet plagued with uncontrollable trolls!  At the same time, many individuals feel stifled by the government restrictions on which apps they can download - let alone the ironic lack of privacy that monopolizing phone manufacturers subject users to! Here to balance the scales is alleged bitcoin millionaire, Eric Finman.   

Finman is in the process of developing a "Freedom Phone" that will allow users to access any and all apps and say absolutely whatever they want - sans censorship!  How will this turn out?  There are bound to be some waves, and our guess is this "Freedom" phone will hit a "free-" fall! However, only time will tell.  

JustALazyGamer does a great job of giving us a visual rundown on what to expect with this Freedom phone: 

Original date of publishing: July 12, 2021

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