How to Use Google Forms to Set Up Covid Screening?

With the COVID-19 vaccination drive going smoothly, the fear of the coronavirus pandemic is reducing, and life is getting back to normal. One sign of this normalcy is the fact that offices are being reopened and staff is being asked to work from the office. If you are an employer and want to set up COVID screening at the office, the simplest way to do that is via Google Forms. Read on to know how you can build a workplace COVID-19 screening form by using Google.

Process of Setting Up Google Forms Covid Screening

Ø  Use your Gmail account or other emails that offer access to google.

Ø  Go to Google forms and click on the start a new form section on the top left-hand side.

Ø  Click on blank and then add the title- Workplace COVID-19 Screening form or something similar.

Ø  Add a description to the form. You can like something like every employee returning to office need to fill this form. No exceptions.

Ø  Ensure that the form collects valid email addresses by visiting the setting icon and going to the general tab. There you will find a box that says, “Collect email addresses.” Then click “save.”

Ø  The next step is to select the first question and input it in the section named untitled question. For example, the first question could be something like, have you contracted COVID-19 to date?

Ø  If you want to add checkboxes to a question, you can go to the dropdown menu on the top right-hand side and select “checkboxes.”

Ø  Also, set the mandatory questions as the same by picking “required” from the bottom right-hand corner.

Ø  To add the next question, select the + button located on the moving sidebar that is placed on the right-hand side.

Ø  Keep adding more questions this way until you are done.

Ø  After you are done, make sure you go to settings on the top right-hand side and do the following:

·       Click on save to save the form.

·       Select Answer Key and pick the right answer to each question.

Ø  The next step is to shorten the URL and send it to all the people you need to fill the form.

Ø  You can also create a unique QR code that people can scan to access the form whenever they need to come to the office. For that, visit the Go to QR code Monkey and select the “create QR code option. At this point, you can also add a custom logo.

Ø  After the QR code is created, you can print it and make it available to all employees. Then, they can scan it with their phones to fill the form.

Ø  To further make the process easier, you can also go through the responses and see if they are incorrect. If so, you can contact that employee personally and ensure they don’t need to come to the office.

Final Words

The process of using Google Forms to set up COVID- Screening at an office or an establishment is easy. Once you do it, you will be able to do it quicker the next time. Need more help? Check out this useful link.


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