.Com, .Ca, .Org, .Net - Which Domain Extension is the Best for You?

When you want to set up your own website, one of the important decisions you will need is which domain extension is the best for you. A domain extension is a suffix that is present at the end of a web address. It usually specifies the country code or an internet category. There are several options available like .com, .ca, .org, .net. .gov, etc. You need to pick the one that will help your website get more traffic. Here we have tried to find the answer to which domain extension is best for you.

.com Extension

This one is one of the most common extensions used by websites all over the world. More than 50 percent of all websites use it. It is also the most trusted extension among people or common internet users. The prices of these extensions are high and commercial businesses mostly use them.

.net Extension

.net is an abbreviation for the network. Earlier, it was used by internet service providers or networks only. Now, everyone uses them. It is one of the best alternatives to the .com extension as it's usually cheaper. If you provide technology or web-based services, you should pick this extension.

.org Extension

This extension was supposed to be used by non-profit organizations, but now every organization uses it. It is less popular than the .com extension, so the probability is high that you will get this extension at a reasonable price. Some websites that can't use this extension are e-commerce websites, as this extension is best suited for community and knowledge-sharing websites.

.co Extension

This extension is ideal for companies, corporations, or commercial establishments. This is ideal for start-up companies that strive to become unique. It is a short extension and hence is easy to memorize and preferred by the younger generation. This extension can also be used as a second-level domain when used with country codes. For instance- .co.uk. This extension is usually cheaper and easy to come by.

.ca – Country Code Extension

These extensions are classified as local TLDs and are usually geographically specific to the location where the website is from. For instance- Ca is used for Canadian websites, and the US is used for US-based websites. Usually, these websites can only be accessed by the people of the origin country only. This extension is perfect for small businesses that only want to stick to a city, state, or country.

Other Options

Other extension options are .gov, which is for government entities only, .edu, which is not open to public registration and can only be used by educational institutions, .info, which is ideal for database types of websites, .me is for personal websites that have no commercial intent, and .biz is for businesses that can't go for a .com website extension.

 How to Pick the Best Domain Extension for Your Business?

To pick the best domain extension that suits your business remember that factors like SEO, local TDS, price, and the purpose/niche of your website matter the most. For more tips, check this link.



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