Top 10 Ways to Make Money Off Your Website

Making money from a website is not a myth anymore. It's completely doable if you do some research and remain dedicated. You can even turn the income from a website as the primary source of income and take care of all expenses if you are smart about it. Here are the top 10 ways to make money off your website.

1.       Affiliate Marketing

It's one of the quickest ways to make money from a website. You just need to find a product, ensure that you can use it and like it, and then endorse it on your website. You can also promote it to email subscribers. You can earn up to 70 percent commission if you find the right product. Commission Junction is a website that you can start exploring

2.       PPC Advertising

AdWords are advertisements that show up on Google search result pages. AdSense is the opposite as it lets publishers tap into the immense advertising of Google to ensure other advertisers can run ads on their website. If you publish ads, you will get paid every time a user clicks on them. Your cut can be from anywhere from 1 CA$ to 5CA$. Here's How to Apply for Google Adsense

3.       Sell Ad Space

You can also make money by selling your own ad space to companies that want to sponsor different blogs. Set up a price for every space and approach the companies. You will get paid based on the number of new visitors you get.

4.       Create a Digital Product

You can also make money by creating a digital product, like an e-book that people will find useful and willing to pay for. Just make sure you focus on quality and promote it extensively to make some good money. As there are no middlemen involved, you can keep all the profits.

5.       Accept Donations

If you want money to sponsor your education, product research, or another good cause, you can ask for donations. Most people will donate to a good cause and help you achieve your dreams. Just use the right words with the right tone and see the miracle happen.

6.       Flip Your Websites

When you are confident enough to earn money from any website you make, you can make multiple websites, ensure solid traffic, and sell them to new and established brands. It's a simple way to make a quick buck. Flippa is the most popular website market you must check out for this purpose.

7.       Sell Premium Content

If you have a decent number of followers and create amazing content (or have a writer to do that for you), you can sell premium content at a price to the visitors.

8.       Offer Counseling

If you are skilled at people management, you can offer different types of counseling like career counseling, marriage counseling, etc., through your website and make good money.

9.       Try Audio Ads

They are a new feature added to websites. Add it to yours and make decent money if your visitors listen to these ads regularly.

10.   Create a Job Board

Place a job boards section on your website to help connect recruiters with candidates and help people find the right job/ candidates while you earn a decent income.

Bonus Tip

Organize Webinars

If you are an expert in one or more fields, like IT, you can use this industry knowledge to host and organize paid webinars and earn a decent income.

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