Top 6 Kid-Transportation Services in Toronto

Parents who have a job with long hours or multiple kids often find a reliable way to transport their kids from one activity to another or from the school to an activity. They don’t usually want to rely on TTC or other public transit. If you are also among such parents, you should consider private transportation services that are safe and affordable. Here’s a list of the top 6 kid transportation services in Toronto you can depend on.

1.       Children on the Go

If you are looking for door-to-door transportation to school and after-school programming, you can trust this company. Run by Alan Foulkes, the transportation company uses passenger vans and ensures that the kids are always buckled up for their safety. They also provide booster seats if and when needed. Contact this company at or 416-725-5430.

2.       Kids Limo

Based in Richmond Hill, this company also provides personalized door-to-door services. They pick up and drop off kids from almost any location, be it a school or specific rooms. They also offer on-call and “emergency” transportation which will be handy if you want quick and reliable service. Contact them on or 416-368-KIDS

3.       Kids on Wheels

If your kid is a special one with special needs and requirements, you can trust this company for their transportation demands. This brand also collaborates with schools and local businesses to provide transportation. Connect with them on or 647-224-2879

4.       KidskoolTrans

You can trust this dependable service provider when seeking a different range of transport options for short and long-range trips. If you need, they offer a person-to-person service in which they deliver the kids to the teachers or caregivers to ensure their safety and well-being. Get in touch at or call 416-319-1581

5.       Let’s Buggy

Busy parents prefer to schedule everything in advance. If you are among such parents and are looking for door-to-door rides for children to different destinations, you should consider this service provider. If you want more peace of mind, they can offer you live map tracking that lets you stay updated on where your kid is. They also offer instant notifications to help you be double sure of your kids’ pickup and drop off. To know more about their unique safety features, send an email to or call on 1-855-44BUGGY.

6.       SevenKids Transport Canada Inc.

If you are looking for safe and reliable minivans to transport your kids from any event or program to your home, then you should trust this brand. The USP of this brand is their drivers. All of them are highly experienced in driving children around and dealing with the relevant issues. They are all screened and trained to ensure that they meet the SevenKids standards. The beauty of SevenKids is that they will take last-minute calls also. Contact them at or 416-546-4488.

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-by Shruti , CNS Canadian News Source


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