The Scoop on Loop: Microsoft's New App for Real-Time Collaboration is Almost Here

In the online-only Ignite Conference held on Tuesday, Microsoft stated that it plans to release a new Office application named Loop, which people can use to collaborate on projects. This announcement is proof that the company is trying to provide more value to Office subscribers who need to pay higher prices from next year. It should boost the financial results of the company.

The Microsoft office subscription you buy now already comes with Excel and Word, where a person can be a co-author on spreadsheets and text documents. The SharePoint tool so also there, which allows workers online hubs to access relevant files.

Loop is a modern alternative and a way for Microsoft to deal with competition from Coda, Notion, and Airtable that aren't weighed down by proprietary file formats. The software provided by those companies can handle content creation, but they lack in communication, stated a Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Jared Spataro.

He also said that users could quickly discuss Loop projects if they kick of voice or video calls in Teams. The software has grown to be over 250 million monthly active users since the onset of COVID-19/ He said, "Essentially what we're doing with Loop is we're blowing up the document."

Spataro also said that the combination of creation and communication is more suitable to hybrid work configurations where everyone is not in the same physical space. It is important now as many organizations are adopting remote work at a greater scale. Zoom, Webex (Cisco), and Slack (Salesforce) have also development enhancements to accommodate hybrid work.

Loop will have three elements. Components where multiple people can read and contribute to miniature documents. Loop components can appear in multiple Microsoft applications. They are coming in Teams, Outlook, and OneNote from this month. Third-party developers will be allowed to build Loop components as well.

The second element is Pages. They are full-on documents where people can enter reactions, type text, and find related Loop components, documents, and links. The user interface will show the users' cursor to give a sense of what people are doing in a document at an exact moment.

The third element is Workspaces. These are areas where people can check progress on shared initiatives as well as enter reactions. A user can reach multiple pages from a workspace.

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Though Loop promotes the presentation of information across different programs, Microsoft will offer a dedicated Loop application so that people can swiftly get Loop content. The preview of workspaces, documents, and Loop application will begin in the first half of next year.

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by Shruti , BNS Business News


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