How to Dress for the Camera for Professionals

We live in a world full of selfies. But, personal selfies are different from professional headshots. You need to get dressed differently and behave differently. If you are also getting clicked as a professional anytime soon, then here are a few handy tips on how to dress for the camera for professionals.

What to Wear?

What you need to wear for the camera as a professional varies based on your industry and your job. If you are working as a legal executive for a top-notch law firm, you need to put on a power suit that oozes off your authority. In contrast, you can dress more casually if you work as a tech geek for an IT startup.

A safer option is to wear formal clothes and pair them with professional shoes and accessories. Use subtle clothes with decent colors that aren't too bright and shiny. Also, make sure you keep your face clean and wear less makeup.

Here's an add-on tip, visit a search engine to look at existing headshots of professionals who do what you do and get some inspiration. An example of the search term could be a "real estate agent" headshot.

What to Avoid?

Ø  It is essential that you avoid clothes that aren't comfortable as they might ruin your mood and the photos.

Ø  Avoid skin show as no one wants to see your skin too much, which might be considered indecent.

Ø  Choose a position in which you feel more comfortable (standing or sitting).

Ø  Relax your body and mind. Don't take stress as it shows on your face.

Ø  Don't wear all black or all white. Try neutral tones like grey or light pastels like blue or lilac.

Ø  Avoid wearing stripes or other patterns. Choose simple styles. Plain isn't boring anymore.

Additional Tips

Ø  Keep your hair simple and don't try a complex hairstyle. Your hairstyle should be what it looks like every day.

Ø  It is also wise to keep the makeup that suits your normal style. You don't want to look like a different person than your headshot when you walk into an interview room or an office.

Ø  Though light makeup is recommended, you should contour your face a bit more as it will help ensure that you look more three-dimensional on camera.

Ø  If you are using eyeliner or lipstick, make sure that they are darker than usual, or your features might look washed out.

Ø  It is also advised that you take many headshots at once and choose the one you like best. So, you should adjust your makeup during a long session to ensure that your makeup doesn't look dull.

Ø  Avoid wearing flashy or dangling jewelry as it might look odd.

Ø  If you wear glasses or contacts, stick with contacts as glasses can reflect glare from studio lights and ruin the headshot.

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