Workplace Wardrobe Essentials For Men and Women

Dressing for a casual event is way different than dressing for work. It is the reason why many people have a separate workplace wardrobe in their homes. It saves time and allows them to dress quickly to start the day without any frustrations or agitation. If you just landed a job or began your own business, here is a list of workplace wardrobe essentials for men and women that might be handy.

Workplace Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Ø  A White Button Down

Add simplistic elegance to your days with a white button-down that you can tuck into dark jeans to get ready for work. If you want a more professional look, add a blazer to look professional.

Ø  A Black Blazer

A well-fitted black blazer will help you turn any outfit into workplace attire in an instant!

Ø  A Short Sleeve Dress

Keep your summer look simple with a short sleeve dress. It will be great to keep you cool in long meetings at work.

Ø  Pearls/Diamonds

Invest in pearl studs or a string necklace to add class to any look you are sporting. Diamonds do the job stunningly too.

Ø  Pumps

Wear pumps to the workplace if you walk around a lot and need to stay comfortable all day. Go for black or nude options.

Ø  Loafers/Oxfords

When seeking a balance between professionalism and comfort, choose loafers and oxfords.

Ø  A Pencil Skirt

Want to look attractive and feel more confident? Wear a pencil skirt to show off your gorgeous lower body.

Ø  Tote Bag

Carry all the workplace essentials in one big bag that has endless space and pockets.

Ø  Cardigan

Have a warm and versatile cardigan that you can use to make casual outfits look more professional.

Ø  A Silk Blouse

If you prefer layering your clothes, keep a silk blouse with you. It's super soft, breathable, and lightweight.

Ø  Black Pants

Choose pants that fit well and nail the professional but still relaxed and casual look!

Ø  Dark Denims

Own a pair of dark wash and low rise jeans that you can wear to work regularly. Just make sure that they are not faded or ripped.

Ø  Ponytail Holder

If you have long hair that gets in the way, invest in a ponytail holder with a nice grip but doesn't damage your hair.

Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Ø  A Navy Suit

Ideal for almost all professional events, this suit can pair up with several shirts and tie combinations.

Ø  A Charcoal Gray Suit

Again, this color blends well with different shirt and tie combinations and helps you look dapper instantly.

Ø  Some Dress Shirts

Buy some dress shirts in blue, white, checked, plaid or striped that help you flaunt different looks with ease.

Ø  A Few Dress Pants

Choose dress pants in medium grey, navy, and light brown colors to complete your formal look every day. Make sure they are tailored to perfection.

Ø  A Blazer

When it's old outside, maintain your style with a stylish and simple blazer.

Ø  Some Ties

Own a rotation of ties that you can wear to complete the formal look.

Ø  Dress Shoes

Invest in dress shoes like fall boots, classic penny loafers, and black oxfords and wear them as per the occasion.

Ø  Other Essentials

You also need other wardrobe essentials like undershirts, underwear, and socks that fit well and help you complete your look.

Ø  A Watch

Complete the professional look with the right timepiece that suits your style and budget.

Ø  A Briefcase

Own a briefcase to hold all your office essentials and ensure you never lose even a business card again.

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