The Best Languages to Learn for Business

Are you an entrepreneur who plans to sell products abroad? Do you want to enter new markets before the competitors do the same? If so, you might need to consider learning another language. Sticking to one's first language is not enough. Learning new languages is essential for entrepreneurs who want to enter new markets without being restricted by language barriers. Here's a list of the best languages to learn for business.

Ø  English

If your native language isn't English, you need to learn it. About 983 million people speak this language. It's spoken in many developed countries like the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The total is ninety-four countries!

Ø  Mandarin

With about 879 million native speakers, this language of China is worth learning. About 193 people speak it as their second language. So, the total comes down to 1.05 billion people. China is an economic superpower that you cannot ignore!

Ø  Spanish

About 436 million people speak this language as a native language. Overall, there are 527 million Spanish speakers across the globe. Over twenty nations use it as their official language.

Ø  Portuguese

Approximately 229 million people across the globe speak this language. If you want to do business in Brazil, this language will come in handy.

Ø  Arabic

If you are after an entry to the Middle East, you would be wise to learn the Arabic language. About 422 million people speak it, and it has grown by 2500% in the last decade.

Ø  German

When seeking entry into the European Union, you need to consider learning German. This language is one of the most influential languages in Europe, and about two hundred million people use it.

Ø  Russian

Russia is one of the world's largest nations and the sixth-largest economy globally. To expand your business in this country, the Russian language will be helpful. About 267 million people use it.

Ø  French

More than 229 million people speak French, out of which seventy-six million are native speakers. This language is also considered the language of Love and Romance. It is also used in thirty-nine nations. In addition to France, it is also used in African nations like Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

Ø  Hindi

The second-largest populated country globally, India offers many business expansion opportunities. If you want to make the most of it, you might want to dabble in Hindi, a native language of Indians that 615 million people speak across the globe. Interestingly Hindi is just one of the twenty-two official languages of the country.

Ø  Japanese

Japan is one of the key dominators of global trade and commerce. The country plays a vital role in most global industries, and it accounted for eighty-nine billion dollars in sales through e-commerce in 2016. If you plan to expand your business to Japan and make the most of the country known as an incubator for innovators, you should learn Japanese, a language primarily spoken by 129 million people.

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