A Simple Method for Monumental Results; Pearls of Wisdom from Accomplished Montreal Real Estate Broker, Asal Jami; Exclusive Interview for Winner Magazine| BNS News

Quickly gaining rank on the Montreal Real Estate scene with an impressive six-year streak for receiving Royal LePage's national top sales awards, Asal Jami has won us over with her track-record of consistent results. 

Lucky for us and Winner Magazine readers, Asal agreed to share her pearls of wisdom in this exclusive Q & A with BNS' Jasmine Kara!  Our first impression of Asal confirmed her number-one consumer satisfaction strategies: to be informed and honest.  Asal's zero-hesitation response time assured us that she is as prepared as she encourages her team to be, and that she brings her authentic self to the table with her connections.  It is no wonder that she is also now recognized by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board for being a leader in consumer trust! Read the following Q & A to learn more about how Asal's simplistic method has achieved monumental results, making her a Montreal favourite for Real Estate services

.Do whatever you have to do; don't copy others, and create something of your own. Ultimately, be positive and honest.

Asal Jami, President, Asal Jami Inc.

Q & A With Accomplished Montreal Real Estate Broker, Asal Jami

How did you come up with the idea to start the Asal Jami Inc Real Estate Brokerage, and what purpose did you intend to serve with the concept?

I have been a real estate broker since 2014. I became a broker because I love helping people and enjoy it when they find their dream home


Which milestones have marked meeting benchmarks towards the fulfillment of your personal goals/ the company's vision and goals? 

2021 was an amazing year for my team and me.  We achieved the Diamond awards, which were presented (by Royal LePage) to the top 3% of brokers in Quebec in 2021. My milestone for 2022 is earning the Red Diamond award, which is presented (by Royal LePage) to the top 1% of brokers.

Which steps have you taken for the company to achieve the level of consumer trust that has been nationally recognized?

1) Be honest with clients. 

2) Be transparent. 

3) Answer all their questions, and 

4) Be there from the beginning till the end, and even follow up with them, after.

What part of your education or other experiences do you feel was the most helpful in preparing you for success?

It has been most beneficial for my team and me to always be updated (with all relevant information) so that we are prepared to explain all necessary details to our clients.

Which strategies have you found the most effective in growing your audience/ bringing awareness of your service to a larger consumer group? 

I have found it useful to use social media posts, information and presentation videos on Youtube and social media, and a clear website; I have also gained brand awareness from Google reviews, word-of-mouth, various ads, and billboards.

Which partnerships, if any, have been the most constructive in bringing your goals closer to becoming a reality?

It has helped to connect with other mortgage brokers.

How do you balance work, passions/hobbies, and relationships?

I do this by taking off, once a week, and going away every 3 months for 2-3 days.

What are your future plans to build on your achievements and fulfill your vision for success, and what developments can your audience or clientele look forward to expecting next?

I plan to expand on what I offer my clients by offering additional services, such as staging and (those from) renovation partners.

What advice would you like to give readers that hope to achieve success in your field?

Do whatever you have to do; don't copy others, and create something of your own. Ultimately, be positive and honest.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers?

Thank you!

We thank Asal for sharing these insights and experiences with Winner Magazine's readers.  If you are looking for real estate in the Montreal area, we would recommend reaching out to Asal Jami!

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