How to Overcome the Winter Blues and Keep Your Head in the Game

Winter blues are no longer temporary feelings that you cannot explain. Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) is a real thing we should all be concerned about. It is a type of depression linked to seasonal changes and usually starts and ends at the same time every year. For most people with SAD, the symptoms start in the fall and continue in the winter months. It can even impact your productivity and make you feel less energized. Read on to know some tips on overcoming the winter blues and keeping your head in the game.

Signs of SAD

The key signs and symptoms of SAD include feeling sad or listless, losing interest in activities you liked once, feeling sluggish, having low energy levels, sleeping excessively, carbs cravings, difficulty concentrating, suicidal thoughts, and many others.

Impact of SAD on Productivity

As many symptoms of SAD make you feel low, reduce your self-esteem, and have unexplainable pains and aches, your productivity is likely to be impacted by SAD. The winter blues or SAD also makes people prone to injuries, accidents, and absenteeism, all of which cost $51 billion to businesses annually.

According to a study in the UK, mental and physical health accounts for over 84% of direct effects on productivity loss and 93% of indirect influences.

How to Overcome the Winter Blues (or Defeat SAD)

1.       Talk to the Doctor

Talk to the doctor to find out if you actually have SAD or you are just feeling low due to other reasons. They will figure it out and find the right treatment plan.

2.       Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself for the winter blues and do more mind-boosting activities that help you feel good, like following your hobby or doing community service.

3.       Try Light From a Box

Bright light therapy can also help. In this therapy, you need access to phototherapy boxes that give off light similar to sunshine and help manage SAD.

4.       Consider Dawn Simulators

You can use Dawn Simulators, which produce light that progressively increases in intensity, just like the sun. Choose full-spectrum light for better results.

5.       Antidepressants Might Help

If SAD symptoms are too intense, you can choose prescription antidepressants for a while. Just avoid medications that make you sleepy or are addictive.

6.       Focus on Social Activities

Stay proactive and focus more on social activities, as isolating yourself might worsen your symptoms. Consider these guidelines for going out safely.

7.       Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy involves using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. It might help with anxiety, mood problems, and sleep issues.

8.       Stick to a Schedule

It is also necessary to stick to a schedule to avoid sleeping late or staying in bed till late in the mornings.

9.       Take a Break

If winter blues are making you feel too bad, you can take a break from work, rejuvenate yourself, and return refreshed.

10.   Exercise Regularly

In addition to relieving SAD symptoms, exercising will make you feel good, release happy hormones, lose weight, and have more self-confidence. You can start with these exercises.

11.   Have a Journal

Write your feelings in a journal to vent them and have a new start every day.


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