How to Balance Creative Ambitions With Work and Relationships

Having a day job is essential in today’s time to keep a roof over your head, relationships are also vital, and pursuing your passions is also important. So, how can you ensure you give time and attention to all three? How to balance creative ambitions with work and relationships? Here are some simple tips that might help.

Ø  Keep Deadlines Real

The first thing you need to do when trying to balance creative balance with work and relationships is to manage deadlines in a better manner. Always give yourself a deadline for any task you are doing, be it practicing music or completing a work presentation. It will ensure that you stick to a schedule.

Ø  Delegate

It is also highly recommended that you learn to delegate the tasks to your subordinates. Delegating will help you reduce your work pressure, and you will learn to trust others.

Ø  Learn to Say No

It’s a two-letter word that can help you avoid a lot of overwork. Learn to say no at work and in your personal life. If you think you can’t do something, just refuse and move on. Don’t agree to it due to pressure and then disappoint someone. Also, don’t feel guilty after saying no and stick to your stance.

Ø  Say Yes to the Things You Love

Be it making music or going on a date, learn to say yes to things you love. The more you say yes, the more pleasurable moments you will have in life.

Ø  Be Productive During Peak Hours

Everyone has their own peak hours, times in which they are most productive. It would help if you recognized yours and then got maximum work or creative tasks done during these hours. It’s a tried and tested method that usually works for all. Here’s how to find your productive hours.

Ø  Get Things Done

Sometimes, when you have too much on your plate, getting things done should be your priority. You should just do a task and then move to the next. Don’t chase perfection, as it might lead to unwanted delays.

Ø  Seek a Positive Environment

It is also recommended that you seek a positive environment at your work or when pursuing your passion. Keep positive affirmations with you and have a positive mindset. Don’t take too much pressure or expect too much from yourself.

Ø  Start Small

It would help if you also learned to start small. You need to celebrate small wins at the office or when pursuing your passion. It is also wise to celebrate with your loved ones so that they can feel your joy too.

Ø  Appreciate Your Progress

Don’t be too critical of yourself and give yourself credit for everything you did right. It can be anything like writing a new song, getting a new client at work, or watching a movie marathon with your family. Appreciate your efforts and pat yourself on the back.

Ø  Network

Last but definitely not least, you need to network. If you want to make it big in any creative industry, work on boosting your personal and professional network. Hang out with your colleagues and other artists to get inspiration and grow your network. Use social media to network whenever needed. Here’s more on networking.


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