How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

Whether you like it or not, it's a fact that you can't choose your boss under most circumstances. You've got to adjust with the boss you have. If you have a difficult boss and need tips on how to deal with a difficult boss, then worry not. Here are some tried and tested tips we have curated just for you.

1.       Know Their Motivations

If you have a difficult boss, the first thing you need to do is understand their motivations. It will help you realize whether your boss is a negative person in general or dealing with a high-pressured job and the stress is getting to them. Knowing their motivations will help you understand their perspective and maybe understand how to deal with the situation.

2.       Access Your Own Behavior

It is possible that your boss is not a difficult person, but you are. You should explore that possibility and correct your behavior if you realize it's your fault.

3.       Be Careful with Your Words

When dealing with a difficult person, use your words carefully so that you don't end up sounding rude or disrespectful. Train your mind to say a positive word, always and avoid saying anything that can be perceived as negative.

4.       Empathize with Them

It is also recommended that you keep yourself in your boss' shoes to understand what they might be going through. It will help you understand and cope with the challenges your boss is throwing at you.

5.       Guess the Expectations

Try to make things easy for yourself and your boss by anticipating what they are expecting and meeting those expectations as soon as possible.

6.       Take More Initiative

Strengthen your leadership skills by taking more initiatives and making decisions to help reduce your boss's workload. Just make sure you have your boss' approval.

7.       Follow their Lead

When communicating with your boss, please select the method they prefer. Some bosses prefer emails, while others prefer personal calls. Do what they like.

8.       Try to Be Positive

Try to be positive in all situations and ensure that you don't let the negativity oozing off from a difficult boss impact your work or its quality. Always do your best and have a positive mindset.

9.       Set Boundaries

If you have a difficult boss, they might push you to work more than you have to or stick in the office even after hours are up. The only way to deal with such a situation is to be straightforward about it and set the boundaries. Tell your boss that you can't do the tasks out of your job scope. Don't let the job impact your work-life balance.

10.   Communicate Everything

It is also a smart idea to keep your boss in the loop about everything you do. Don't just assume that they know what you are doing. Keeping them updated on everything will make them think that you care, and they might be less difficult.

Avoid Future Difficult Bosses

In addition to learning how to deal with a difficult boss, you also need to learn how to avoid a difficult boss in the future roles or jobs you take on. The simplest way to do that is to have a meeting with your future boss and then decide whether they will be a good boss or a difficult one. Use your judgment, and you will avoid future difficult bosses for good.


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