Most-in-demand Legal Services in 2022

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to new challenges for people and businesses. With everything else, the field of law is also changing. The focus has shifted on some new laws while some older ones are still getting the highlight like they used to. Here's a list of the most in-demand legal services in 2022. Do read if you are a lawyer in Canada or want to become one shortly.

Ø  Tech Laws

The demand for technology has grown in recent times, and hence, the need for legal regulations and laws to keep people safe is also rising. So, the demand for lawyers specializing in technology-related issues like privacy and cybersecurity is rising with time. Read more about Canada's approach to big tech regulation here.

Ø  Labor Laws

Lawyers specializing in labor law are usually in demand as the rights and responsibilities between employees, employers, unions, and government authorities need attention. State and federal governments set these laws. Unions will continue to hire labor law experts in 2022 as worker concerns like healthier working conditions, better pay, and employee protections will always be there.

Ø  Elder Laws

Laws that focus on older adults will also get attention in 2022. They help deal with issues like long-term career planning, retirement, estate planning, healthcare, guardianship, financial planning, etc. As more and more adults are reaching the retirement age, the demand for lawyers in this law will rise.

Ø  Environmental Laws

Climate change is a hot topic and will continue to be this year and beyond. Laws regarding sustainability, water quality, waste management, biodiversity, air quality, and agriculture are at the forefront now as advisors, activists, and policymakers all want to consult a lawyer before taking action.

Ø  Health Laws

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, focus on health expert lawyers who can advocate for better access to healthcare, top-notch patient care, and reduced healthcare costs is increasing. People are seeking legal advice regarding affordable, easily accessible healthcare and insurance.

How Lawyers Can Keep Up with Upcoming Changes

Ø  Lawyers need to be more empathetic and clearer on what legal action a client needs to take.

Ø  Legal experts also need to do deep research and keep up with the changes in laws that occur very quickly these days.

Ø  Lawyers will also need to adapt to web-based software solutions to assist with client intake, document storage, invoice, appointment management, and more.

How Much Do Lawyers Make in Canada?

On average, the salary of a lawyer in Canada is $99,398 per year or $50.97 an hour. Usually, the entry-level positions start at $73,750 a year, and highly experienced lawyers make as much as $135,000 a year.

What Type of Lawyers Gets Paid the Most in Canada?

According to reliable data, medical lawyers get paid the most in Canada. They provide advice regarding medical laws and help protect the rights of people facing medical negligence, medical malpractice, or other similar issues. Read more on medical lawyers, their needs, job responsibilities, and how to become a medical lawyer over here.



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