Planning a Wedding in 2022? Here's What to Expect as the Pandemic Continues

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives, and happy events like weddings are not untouched by it. If you are also planning a wedding for yourself or a loved one in 2022, then here's what to expect as the pandemic continues and new variants are coming in.

Ø  More Digital Wedding Invitations

As there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the restrictions, the cost of printing wedding invitations can be a waste if the date or the venue changes. In such a scenario, digital wedding invitations are in and will continue to be adopted in 2022 and maybe beyond.

Ø  Required Numbers Can be Changed

Now, it's becoming okay to have odd-numbered or mixed-gendered wedding parties. People are choosing friends and relatives that matter most and not inviting people just to attain an even number.

Ø  Rise of Digital Wedding Registries

The rise of digital wedding registries will continue. Digital registries let couples collect money as a gift. They can also request contributions to a charity they support. Sometimes, couples also ask for help with tasks like helping with planting a garden, painting their new house, etc.

Ø  Adjust with Venue

As more and more couples are planning to get married this year, especially those who postponed their weddings last year, the number of available venues is limited. So, you might have to compromise with the venue and adjust your plans accordingly.

Ø  Overworked Vendors

The vendors are also overworked due to the sudden rise in demand. So, if you are planning a wedding in 2022, you need to look for vendors like videographers, planners, designers, photographers, and florists a few months in advance.

Ø  Supply Chain Issues

Due to the highly contagious Omicrom variant, many states and countries are implementing new restrictions from time to time. As a result, supply chains are being hit. If you are ordering stuff for the wedding from far away, keep in mind that there might be unexpected delays.

Ø  Rising Costs

In the times of COVID-19, getting married is costlier than ever. As the demand is high and supply is low, people need o shell out more money for wedding stuff than ever before.

Ø  People Are Asking for a Proof of Vaccination

Some couples ask every guest to share their Proof of Vaccination before entering the wedding venue. It would help if you decided whether you want to go for it. If you do, make sure that staff like waiters and servers also comply with the protocols, not just the guests.

Ø  Livestream is Losing Popularity

Gone are the days when every moment of a wedding was live-streamed. Now, only the main ceremony is recorded, and that too is not live-streamed.

Ø  Focus is on Sustainability

Sustainability is also the focus of weddings in today's time. With issues like climate change and global warming on everyone's mind, more and more couples are trying to use eco-friendly products in their wedding and are focusing on reducing the waste by donating the surplus. You can go for it too.


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