Top TV Shows That Teach Good Business Strategies

For many people, an ideal day involves getting back home after work and watching a TV show to relax their minds. If you also prefer to unwind with TV shows, you might as well make the most of it. Here we have prepared a list of top TV shows that teach good business strategies so that you can learn from them and be a better businessperson or entrepreneur.

1.       Silicon Valley

This show illustrates the struggle of many young software programmers and developers who are trying to succeed in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs will think that this show is super relatable and might end up binge-watching it.

2.       Shark Tank

This reality TV show is ideal for investors seeking entrepreneurs who want to know how to invest in their business. You can take notes on product pitches that resonate with the sharks and trigger different offers. It might help you to get an investment offer in your life too. Watch it here.

3.       Suits

If you are in a mood to enjoy some quick-witted humor and see how people deal with tough situations at work, this is an ideal show. It also teaches you the importance of sticking to your ethics, the need for strong communication, and negotiating and navigating complex corporate situations.

4.       Workin’ Moms

Business owners who are also parents can bench watch the show for a little humor. It shows a group of friends coping with the challenges of being working moms and dealing with difficult situations at competitive workplaces.

5.       The Office

This one is a mockumentary sitcom with characters with which you will feel connected. This show might affirm your choice of being an entrepreneur and make you realize why you seek to be your boss.

6.       Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

It is one of the most famous docuseries where viewers can glimpse who Bill Gates, the software magnate is. You get to learn his human side and know what makes his mind different. You also know the characteristics that made him one of the world’s richest men.

7.       Girlboss

Based on the autobiography of Sophia Amorusi, the founder and CEO of Nasty Girl, this show made people realize what it takes to make it in business. It will inspire you to overcome all the roadblocks in your journey and succeed.

8.       The Profit

In this show, the host discovers struggling businesses and helps them out through money and mentorship. In exchange for it, he gets a piece of their profits. This show is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to develop a thick skin and handle tough situations in business. It also teaches them that it’s okay to ask for help in difficult times.

9.       Planet of the Apps

Just like Shark Tank, this show revolves around mobile apps. In the show, software developers have only 60 seconds to pitch the idea of an app and get the opportunity to partner with judges for six weeks. App developers and tech entrepreneurs would love this fun watch!



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