Get the Most Out of Montreal’s Hot Real Estate Market With Asal Jami

With a sizzling hot Montreal real estate market drawing interest from buyers and sellers, alike, getting the most out of a high-stakes negotiation boils down to having the right representation.  If you've asked around for someone you can trust with your hard-earned capital, the name Asal Jami will likely ring a bell. As an active  and highly-accomplished leader of her real estate team, Asal has built a reputation for helping people find homes they only dreamed of owning - and with her expertise, she helps them stay within their budget. 

The Right Leader

Naturally, when looking for a real estate broker, you want to know that they are good at what they do - starting from leadership.  Leading her team, Asal Jami has been awarded Master Sales of 2017, Sales Representative of 2018, and President's Gold 2019 & 2020. As a Marketing Management graduate, she understands the value of effective marketing and customer retention through strong customer satisfaction. She has been an active real estate broker in Montreal for many years, representing buyers and sellers of high-end Real Estate throughout greater Montreal and surrounding areas.

Keeping Buyers and Sellers Happy 

Asal has helped people find and sell their homes and commercial properties in a number of different Montreal neighbourhoods.  Her knowledge of the different areas enables her to efficiently guide buyers to find the right location that meets their needs. For sellers, she uses different marketing strategies to provide maximum exposure for each listing and ensure they get the most views.

Key Services


Asal Jami Inc. makes property buying easier for individuals and entities looking for the right fit.

Ø  Selling

You can trust Asal Jami Inc. to make the sale of any property simpler and uncomplicated.

Ø  Leasing

Asal Jami Inc. helps individuals and entities to lease their properties.

Add-On Services

Ø  Virtual Tours

You can take virtual tours of all the properties listed on the website of Asal Jami Inc.

Ø  Informative Resources

Asal's informative website also has multiple resources and tips that make property buying, selling, and leasing simpler.

Great Reputation 

Asal Jami's real estate team has been added to the Best Businesses Directory by the Canadian Business Review Board in 2021. Furthermore, for maintaining consistent accountability toward her clients' interests, she has been listed amongst the Best Businesses for a second year in a row.  

Multiple review sources echo the sentiment that Asal has built a reputation for delivering great results by dedicating hard work, being detail-oriented, honest, and quick to respond. Here are some reviews from clients that accomplished their buying and selling goals - in budget - with Asal and her team:

Real Customer Reviews

Asal is a very professional realtor. She is honest, polite, respectful, hardworking and gives impeccable customer service. She always puts her client's interest in her mind and is willing to put extra effort to help her client. I truly appreciate their effort in providing me such a good service.

 - Saghar T

After dealing with several brokers, Asal Jami was the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with. Asal was extremely helpful, open, patient, transparent, experienced, and reliable through the whole stressful process. She explained every thing step-by-step in the way that was easy to understand the procedure of buying the property, as well as, working with the mortgage broker in less than one month. I appreciate her services and would highly recommend her.

 Azadeh K 

Very professional and very Realistic Estate agent, I highly recommend her and her services 😍 she is the one that could help you find the best place with your budget. I’m beyond satisfied and thank you Asal for being such an amazing person 💗

 Manal B  

Don't miss out on the opportunities to buy or sell real estate while Montreal neighbourhoods are on every investor's radar; connect with Asal Jami to guide you with experience and expertise to fulfill your residential or commercial property needs.




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