How Cloud-Based Tech is Allowing Control Security from a Phone

Mobile security technology has revolutionized the security industry and will keep on doing that in the future. This is helpful because it gives security teams the capacity to get alerts and respond to threats remotely. Read on to know more about how cloud-based tech is allowing security from a phone and why it’s beneficial.

The Alerts are Useful

Thanks to cloud-based tech, security staff can get alerts on their smartphones and swiftly respond to security incidents like doors left ajar, unauthorized attempts to enter a building, or even forced entries. These alerts can be integrated with advanced sensors to ensure that security staff members are notified when gunshots are detected or glass is broken. Similarly, a cloud-based video security system can be integrated with door access analytics to ensure alerts are triggered in cases where a security incident is captured on the security cameras.

Better Response Time

When a security incident is detected, the access from a phone allows security personnel to use remote operation features like initiating lockdowns, securing the building, unblocking desired entries, and even adjusting door schedules. After that, they can head to the location and proceed with threat response procedures.

Visitor Management

Having visitors waiting at the gates or reception can make them frustrated and be a sign of disrespect if the security staff is not available. Thankfully, remote access can let security staff approve visitors quickly, even by remote after screening them.

Focus on Cybersecurity

Though using cloud-based tech to control security from a phone is advantageous, special attention should be given to cybersecurity. Ensure that the security information and access are offered only to authorized personnel. Ensure that adequate cyber security measures are in place to ensure the sensitive data and access information doesn’t fall into the hands of criminals or other unwanted visitors.

Investing in cyber security software might be a smart move as it allows you to be assured of protection from cyber-attacks. It might also be a good idea to follow cybersecurity best practices like strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and end-to-end encryption, among others.

The Bottomline

All in all, it can be said that mobile applied sciences are worthy of consideration because it helps enhance the safety and security operations of commercial establishments, industrial units, and residential spaces. It gives more control to the security personnel and improves the response time. In many cases, it might also help them save lives and avoid deadly incidents.

However, cyber threats can be a real challenge for such technological advancements. So, it is wise to invest in cybersecurity software and follow some best practices to ensure that sensitive data and access don’t fall into the wrong hands. Make sure your train your family or staff members about the best practices too so that there is no scope for an error or a mistake that can prove very costly for your or their security and safety. A little learning can help a lot when there is a threat.   




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