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Few can say they have started a web3 company or worked on resolutions of global significance in coordination with the United Nations; thanks to the incredible program infrastructure of The Knowledge Society (TKS), at a mere sixteen years of age, Ahnaaf Khan can say he has already achieved both these feats and more.  At the recent Collision Conference in Toronto (June 2022),  BNS' Jasmine Kara had the opportunity to engage in an enlightening interview with Ahnaaf.  In the interview, Ahnaaf, currently working as a neurotech developer, tells us about TKS' youth accelerator programs that have fast-tracked his entrepreneurial ambitions in software development.  Ahnaaf further wows us with a recollection of some of his most memorable TKS activity experiences, including problem-solving real-world challenges at a level that has actually been taken into consideration by relevant companies and organizations.  Watch the full interview to hear from Ahnaaf, himself, about his own company, "NeuraDAO," as well as more about TKS' online and on-site programs for youth, ages 13 - 17:

We thank Ahnaaf Khan for joining us for this Winning Circle Series interview, and for sharing his experiences and advice with our younger followers.  If you are a parent or teen that is looking for the right environment to nurture early inclinations in tech, entrepreneurship, and global citizenship, we would recommend taking a look at TKS programs! 


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