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A crafty idea and purposeful prototypes brought Mensa Canada's Gifted Youth Group representative, Caden Phui, to earn the judges' favour in this year's Gr 3-6 CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.  Joining the event virtually from Calgary, Caden, Grade 4, proficiently guided the audience and judges through his LPP Toys concept; he further stepped up to the plate to respond to critical expert commentary that would make the most seasoned entrepreneurs sweat!  In the Q&A that followed the presentation of Caden's Judge's Choice Award for the Gr 3 - 6 "Individual Presenters" category, Caden has shared more details with us about his pitch development process and how this challenge has tied in with his ambitions for the future.  Supported by the balanced-lifestyle framework that his parents facilitate, Caden is sure to excel in his entrepreneurshial goals.  We were fortunate to receive refreshing tips to elaborate on this approach from Caden's parents; these are also featured in the subsequent Q & A.   Before reading the Q&A, you can watch the video, below, to see Caden's award-winning presentation and hear the feedback from guest judges, Nicole Pollock (co-founder of COTCAN Event Staffing Inc.) and Chef DK (founder of Taste Bender):

Caden's Winning Business Pitch

Q&A With Caden Phui and Caden's Parents

I recognize that he always thinks out of the box, so we limit conversations that box him in. 

 Parents of Caden Phui, 2022 Gr 4 Entrepreneurship Challenge Winner

Questions for Caden

Why was the goal of achieving this important to you?

I wanted this to help me build my future business. I wanted to develop this idea further and see if I could market it.  

What steps did you take to achieve your goal?

I had to make the product (prototype) and build the presentation. I had to figure out what would make it a good product. I had to use my creativity to figure out what other kids would like.         

Are there any challenges that came up along the way, and how did you overcome these? 

The challenge was making a very detailed presentation. I also felt I did not have enough prototypes built to showcase my creative product. I ended up combining some of the prototypes to make it one big set. Then, I came up with the idea to market differently sized sets for different prices.   

What do you think you did differently from other students/ children your age that led you to be recognized for excellence? 

I felt my product was very creative and could entertain kids for a very long time. I know my cost is very low, so this business can generate lots of profit. I always like to invent things that make tasks easier. When I was thinking of my product, I was trying to solve the problem that comes up when kids say, "I am bored."  So, I focused on something that would keep a kid entertained for a long time.   

What have you learned from the experience, and how might you use any lessons from this experience in the future? 

I learned that I might have overpriced the product. My lesson is that I would hire a financial advisor to figure out my product prices. I need to make sure everyone is happy with the price point.  

What are your future goals? 

I want to build a lot of companies and earn a lot of money. I want to be the owner/CEO of seven companies. I want to use the money I earn to donate to charity.   

Are there any fun facts about yourself you would like to share? 

I want to live in a converted camper bus when I grow up. I love mechanical things. I love inventing things.  I enjoy hockey, soccer, biking and skiing. I am good at math. Hydroneer is my favorite PC game.  

Questions for Caden's Parents

What type of supports have you provided your child with that you believe helped them achieve the level of excellence they are being recognized for?

I was able to identify my child's giftedness early and enrolled him in a gifted program for school, since kindergarten. I recognize that he always thinks out of the box, so we limit conversations that box him in. We allow him to believe that all his ideas are great, and that he can 'invent, experiment, try, etc,' and he will always find a novel solution.   


How do you believe this experience has influenced your child’s future?

I think this gave him confidence that there is a marketable path from idea creation to market. He needs to be organized to present and think through his business plan. This is truly an eye-opener and confidence-builder for him.


How do you help your child sustain a healthy school/life balance?

Focus on internal driven activities. Whatever the child is interested in, allow him to explore it. In the gifted programming at his school, there is limited routine school homework, but there are a lot of broad, exploratory-type projects. At home, we do not supplement with academics, and on the weekends, we are always outdoors, camping, skiing, hiking, biking etc.         

Is there any advice you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers that are hoping to provide the right environment for their children to achieve success in a similar area? 

I think many parents focus on academic success. If you follow the philosophy that a happy child is a successful child, focus on the child's inner self. Find their passions, and build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Teach good habits (resilience, working hard, being proud of excellence). These will trickle over into the academic field and children will do well in school. School marks are just an output, and they do not indicate the internal health of the child.    


We thank Caden and Caden's parents for sharing these insights and experiences with Winner Magazine's readers.  If you are looking for stimulating youth activities for children across Canada with top percentile IQs, we would recommend checking out the Mensa Canada Gifted Youth Group!

*Note: Currently, children of Mensa Canada members are eligible for GYG membership without the requirement to submit prior evidence.  

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