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With a product as sweet and clever as Adelaide Martin, herself, judges and audience members at this year's CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge were quick to cast their Kindergarten and Junior Division votes for Adelaide's Mango Lassi pitch.  In the presentation video, below, Adelaide, a Senior Kindergarten student from Toronto's Sidney Ledson Institute, amazes the audience with her unique culinary concept, sound profit model, and intuitive advertising strategy.  Having won both, the Judges' Choice Award, based on rigorous scoring criteria, as well as the Community Choice Award by audience vote, five-year-old Adelaide climbed the ranks as one of this year's most accomplished challenge finalists.  Adelaide was kind enough to share her tips and future plans in the Q&A that followed her victory, and we were fortunate to receive some pointers from Adelaide's parents, as well.  Watch the video, below, to see Adelaide's full presentation and comments from impressed guest judges, Nicole Pollock (co-founder of COTCAN Event Staffing Inc.) and Chef DK (founder of Taste Bender):

Adelaide's Winning Business Pitch

Q&A With Adelaide Martin and Adelaide's Parents

For us, academics are about the journey rather than the end result.

 Parents of Adelaide Martin, 2022 Kindergarten Entrepreneurship Challenge Winner

Questions for Adelaide:

Why was the goal of achieving this important to you?

Ms. B was teaching about entrepreneurship and I became interested in having a successful business. 

What steps did you take to achieve your goal?

First, I listened to my teachers' business unit lessons. Afterwards, I thought about ideas and decided to combine two things I like: marshmallows and mango lassi.        

Are there any challenges that came up along the way, and how did you overcome these? 

I did this by finding a unique product that is refreshing and delicious.  

What do you think you did differently from other students/ children your age that led you to be recognized for excellence? 

My presentation pitch was different. My Google slides were informative and easy to read. I showed the Marshmallow Lassi recipe in steps.  My secret ingredient added mystery. I made it entertaining by wearing a hat and sunglasses, while drinking my Lassi, to pretend I was on the beach. Lastly, my pitch covered all the information for the judges. The music that was added in the background made it fun, and I spoke clearly and with expression.  

What have you learned from the experience, and how might you use any lessons from this experience in the future? 

Practice makes perfect. 

What are your future goals? 

My goal is to always try my best, work hard and never give up. I have been learning to ride a (two-wheeled) bike. I practice at the park and have been cycling fast. I hope to be able to ride a bike by myself, soon.   

Are there any fun facts about yourself you would like to share? 

My favorite food is pizza, my favorite movie is Encanto and I love finding little treasures.  


Questions for Adelaide's Parents

What type of supports have you provided your child with that you believe helped them achieve the level of excellence they are being recognized for?

We have always tried to expose Adelaide to lots of different experiences and let her explore and ask questions.  Her natural enthusiasm lets her jump into things she saw in a book or learned at school.  Wherever her mind goes, we encourage and support her, whether that is through  asking guiding questions about what she is trying to do, finding materials for crafts and experiments, arranging visits to a pumpkin patch, or researching things online (i.e. watching cooking videos on YouTube!)  .


How do you believe this experience has influenced your child’s future?

Adelaide has the entrepreneur bug! She is very proud of her accomplishment. She is now very interested in how commerce works and has a newly found interest in financials; she even asks about family expenditures. 


How do you help your child sustain a healthy school/life balance?

We try to support Adelaide in her academic endeavors. We love her enthusiasm and want to cultivate it. She is a very curious child and every day is filled with continual experimenting and discovery. Her toys and games are often open-ended and require imagination (magnatiles, playground, pretend play, etc).  We also believe exercise and healthy eating are important; a healthy body equals a healthy mind.         

Is there any advice you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers that are hoping to provide the right environment for their children to achieve success in a similar area? 

For us, academics are about the journey rather than the end result. By making learning fun and engaging, you can often achieve a lot! Take what you love and think about how you can set it apart. Don't be afraid to change or adapt your idea as you gain more knowledge - seek continual improvement.   


We thank Adelaide and Adelaide's parents for sharing these reflections and suggestions with Winner Magazine's readers.  If you are looking for an accelerated hybrid private elementary school program (internationally accessible online or accesible on-campus in Toronto) for high-achieving youth entering preschool - Gr 6, we would recommend speaking to admissions at Sidney Ledson Institute !

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