Exclusive Interview With Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder and Executive Director at The Made of Millions Foundation | Winner Magazine | BNS News

With a mission to change the way the world looks at mental health, Co-founder and Executive Director, Aaron Harvey, has built the Made of Millions Foundation into a powerful and well-utilized resource to achieve this objective.  While the Made of Millions website hosts a number of valuable educational resources on the topic of mental health, it also serves as a platform for its community members to express themselves and find various other supports.  In the interview with Jasmine Kara during the recent Collision Conference in Toronto, Aaron demonstrates an impeccable commitment to maintaining the integrity of the resources his team provides - even if this means self-funding the cause.  Aaron's genuine passion to help those impacted by mental health challenges is palpable in the interview video, and his advice to those who would like to effect change through social advocacy is both, practical and motivating.  Watch the full interview, below, for more about the Made of Millions Foundation, to hear Aaron's tips for aspiring advocates, and also to learn about Aaron 's inspiring journey from recovery to advocacy:

We thank Aaron Harvey for joining us all the way from New York for this Winning Circle Series interview, and for sharing his experiences and advice with our followers.  If you haven't already, take a look at the Made of Millions website to find informative resources on Mental Health, as well as steps to get involved. (links below)
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