6 Reasons Trillium Property Services Stands Above the Competition

Trillium Property Services is ranked among the best businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board. However, that's only the beginning of the reasons why you should use this Vaughan, Ontario lawn care company.

Here are five other reasons why they stand above the competition:

"We only have professionals that work for us that can give the customer exactly what they expect. "


6 Reasons Trillium Property Services Stands Above the Competition

1. They Have Experience 

Trillium Property Services has been in business for over a decade. Their commitment to customer service keeps expanding as their reputation and dedication to each client grows. They only hire professionals to work for the company.  

2. Their Residential Lawn Service is Thorough

They look after lawn care and restoration. You only need to call one number to get a variety of services like a spring cleanup and gardening maintenance.

3. They Handle Your Commercial Needs Too 

This is the company that looks after both your residential and industrial needs. They offer commercial services so your business looks great and the parking lots are safe regardless of the weather. The commercial lawn services they offer include tree and sod removal.

4. They Work Where You Live and Have Your Business 

Trillium Property Services is locally owned and operated. They handle restoration and lawn care for business and residential clients in Aurora, Ontario in the surrounding areas. If you get in touch with them for a spring clean up soon, they will be able to bring personalized care to your project.

5. They Look After Your Needs All Year Long 

This is the company that can look after your residential and commercial lawn needs all year long so your company looks great regardless of the weather. Trillium Property Services offers everything from snow removal to tree removal and gardening maintenance. Their fertilizer programs are a perfect way to start the warm weather off with a good growth.  

6. Reviews

Here’s an excellent HomeStars review from C Grainger who used the services at different times of the year: 

“This company does what they say. The staff are very detail oriented and take pride in their work and it really shows. They do work for me at numerous locations and have for a number of years. I highly recommend this company to everyone looking for landscaping and snowplow needs.”

We recommend Trillium Property Services for a variety of different commercial lawn and residential lawn packages. They also offer snow removal for your business or private property.  The company serves a variety of different areas including Aurora, King City, New Market and Richmond Hill Ontario. 

Take a look at their social channels, below for more information.

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