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Recognized by WCBRB as one of the best businesses in the Houston, Texas cycling industry to watch for in 2023, Urban Bicycle Gallery has caught our attention for several reasons.  As we know, being a Winner often means taking a multi-pronged approach to win over customers, and Urban Bicycle Gallery's methodology is a great example of this.  By providing not just quality product, but also by creating a sense of community, this store and club has quickly risen in ranks as a top franchise of 2023.  Here's more on why we chose to feature Urban Bicycle Gallery in Winner Magazine, Business Edition  :

"We have a passion to help anyone who rides, no matter what budget."


A Club, a Store, & So Much More!  Check Out Houston's Urban Bicycle Gallery

1. Multiple Services 

Urban Bicycle Gallery sure has what its name implies; a store where you can purchase amazing bikes of all types.  What it also has is a service called, "Shimano Bikefitting," and also general bike repair.  This full service offering to help you not just choose the perfect bike, but also get it fitted or repaired when needed, is a strong reason behind our choice to get behind this specialized bike vendor!  

2. Inventory

As clearly stated in their name, Urban Bicycle Gallery certainly offers a wide variety of bike types for every type of rider.  Furthermore, these come in a range of prices that fit any prospective budget.  As if that weren't enough to get you started with your biking needs, they also have every kind of part or safety apparel you could think of that has to do with cycling.

3. Riding Club 

Nothing fuels passion for a brand like their ability to give people a sense of belonging; Urban Bicycle Gallery goes above the expectations of a bike store to facilitate regular group cycling events for its community.  This gets a big thumbs up from the Winner Magazine team!  

4. Resourceful Website

More than just a contact page for customers, the UBG website includes everything from an event calendar and inventory gallery to a full "cyclopedia" of essential safety terms for riders to learn.  This shows a true passion for what they do and that they are real experts in the industry they clearly excel within.

5. Reviews

We found a number of ecstatic reviews from happy customers, and here is an example of a real Google review from Arturo Olmos: 

“This review is LONG overdue or maybe it’s ripened like a fine wine?! After several years of coming here the service and their stock of quality bikes and gear has only improved year after year, even after it was already great to begin with. The owners prioritize not only their customers needs but also it’s important for them to be well stocked in parts so you don’t have to wait to get your bikes fixed or upgraded. Somehow my favorite bike shop continues to surpass all of my expectations every time with faster turnaround times than most bike shops around and even answering all my technical questions over the phone when I’m building my own bike. Not to mention they’ve cultivated such a great community of rides and events. This will always be my bike shop and I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know.”

Urban Bicycle Gallery is a terrific resource for information on cycling, riding club activities, and of course, fitting, repair and purchase of bikes of every type.  We would definitely recommend UBG for all of these services in the Houston, Texas area! 

Take a look at their social channels, below for more information.

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