Can You Imagine Clothes That Grow AND Help the Environment?

 The founder of Petit Pli, Ryan,  has done something not many would have thought possible, and in doing so, found a solution to parents' age old dilemma: kids grow out of clothes too quickly!  

Not only has Petit Pli created clothes that can easily stretch to fashionably fit 4 sizes, but they have also done this in a way that helps protect our planet.  Believe it or not, these clothes are made out of recycled materials! Here is more on this incredible sustainable business brand that is shaping the future of children's clothing:

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The catalyst was Ryan's nephew. Ryan gave Viggo some clothes soon after his birth, but by the time they got there, they were already too tiny. This acted as a warning because modern childrenswear ignores the dynamic and quickly evolving bodies of Earth's LittleHumans. Ryan developed a garment that would grow with his nephew, minimising the need for additional clothing purchases and water and carbon footprints. Ryan was inspired by his experience with deployable satellite technology. Soon after, Petit Pli was created, and Clothes That Grow went on to win numerous honours, sparking a revolution in environmentally friendly children's clothing line.

The epidemic brought with it new difficulties and the Petit Pli team's first item for adults. Disposable masks, a common requirement that ended up in landfills and frequently caused users discomfort, presented an opportunity to greatly improve user experience. Their MSK design, which is said to be pleasant on every face and is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, later won Time Magazine's award for best invention of 2020. 

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