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Recently, we had the privilege of hearing back from one of our most exceptional Canadian immigration services providers, Ramin Mirzadegan, founder of Mirzadegan Immigration; noticing that he had led his firm to be recognized for excellence by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board for the third year in a row, we were honoured that he agreed to share his wisdom on maintaining a strong track record of success in the consumer community.  If you are looking for a professional that keeps up-to-date on all policies and maintains thorough communication with his clients, or if you are interested to know the secret to not just surviving but also succeeding in a tough economy, this interview is one you must read.  Read below to learn from Ramin Mirzadegan about how he has met and surpassed his personal and team benchmarks for consumer experience across adversity:

Our growth and expansion are an indication of our commitment to quality and our focus on meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

 Ramin Mirzadegan, Founder, Mirzadegan Immigration

Follow Up With Ramin Mirzadegan, Founder of Mirzadegan Immigration

What services or products does Mirzadegan Immigration currently offer, and in which locations are these offered?

We offer solutions in all types of temporary and permanent residency application, Business Immigration, Economic Class and International student- We offer our services throughout Canada and internationally.   

Since your last interview, how has your vision for growth/ the company's vision transformed or stayed the same? What is the company's vision?

My vision for growth and the company’s vision has evolved since our last interview. While our overall mission of providing top-quality immigration services to our clients remained the same, we have made significant steps in expanding our business and enhancing our service offerings. The main area of growth has been our expansion into new markets, as we have identified new opportunities to provide immigration services to clients in emerging markets, while we have developed partnerships with local businesses to expand our reach. Despite these changes, our main vision of providing exceptional immigration services to our clients has remained the same. Accordingly, our growth and expansion are an indication of our commitment to quality and our focus on meeting the evolving needs of our clients. 

Which recent milestones have marked meeting benchmarks towards the fulfillment of your personal goals/ the vision and goals of Mirzadegan Immigration? 

I am thrilled to announce that our immigration firm has been awarded the prestigious Canadian Business and Recognition award(CBRB) for 2023, as well as the third year in a row. This is a tremendous honour and a testament to the hard work, dedication and expertise of our team. Additionally, we have developed a priority case management system that allows us to track the progress of each case in real-time. This system has significantly improved our operational efficiency as it allows us to manage cases more effectively and provide our clients with regular updates. We have also recruited additional staff to support our growing business, and these new hires bring with them a great wealth of new experience, skills and knowledge, enabling us to provide our clients with an even higher level of expertise and support.  

Which recent steps have you taken for the company to achieve the level of consumer trust that has been nationally recognized? 

As an RCIC and owner of an immigration firm, building and maintaining consumer trust is a crucial aspect of our company. We have taken several steps to achieve the level of consumer trust that has been nationally recognized which includes; emphasizing transparency, improving communication, building a strong team, incorporating client feedback, and most importantly maintaining professionalism and ethical standards. Through these steps, we have been able to build a reputation as a trusted and reliable firm.   

Have you undertaken any recent steps in education or partaken in other experiences that you feel have been helpful in sustaining a successful practice? 

I have undertaken several steps to improve my knowledge and skills, including, participating in webinars and online courses. I have taken advantage of various webinars and online courses on immigration law and policy to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in this area. These events have provided me with valuable insights and networking opportunities with other professionals in the same field. Additionally, I have collaborated with other professionals in the immigration field, including lawyers, paralegals, and other RCICs, and these collaborations have allowed me to learn from other professionals and expand my knowledge and skills.  

Which strategies or recent social media campaigns have you found the most effective in growing your audience/ bringing awareness of your service to a larger consumer group? 

Social media has become a crucial part of our marketing strategy. The most effective social media strategies and campaigns in growing our audience by bringing awareness of our services to a larger consumer group have been creating consistent and engaging content on our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also use targeted advertising on social media platforms to reach potential clients who are interested in immigration services. Although the main secret to our successful immigration firm is through strong referral base clientele. Referral-based clients are those who are referred to our firm by existing clients, and partners. 

Which partnerships (existing or new), if any, have been the most constructive in bringing your goals closer to becoming a reality?

We have established a referral partnerships with other immigration professionals, including lawyers who refer clients to us for immigration services. These partnerships has helped us to expand our client base and provide a more comprehensive range of services to our clients. Having said that, we are members of several industry associations, including Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) and the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). These associations provide us with access to training and professional development opportunities, as well as networking opportunities with other professionals in the industry.   

Are there any recent challenges that made it difficult to continue operation and that you managed to overcome?  What was your approach to get past these?

In my view one of the most significant challenges that we have faced in recent years is the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the immigration industry, including travel restrictions, border closures and processing delays. To overcome these challenges we have taken the following approach of keeping up-to-date with changes in immigration policies and updating our services accordingly, while maintaining close communication with our clients to keep them informed of any changes that may affect their immigration status.  

What is one fun fact about your personal life or hobbies that your audience/clientele may not know about you?

I am a family man and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. 


What are your future plans to build on your personal/ company achievements and fulfill your vision for success/ what developments can your audience or clientele look forward to expecting next?

Our vision for success is definitely to continue to providing high quality of immigration services to to our clients while expanding our reach and impact. To achieve this vision we have planned on expanding our team, while investing in technology to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. Implementing new software and tools will allow us to streamline our processes and improve our client experiences. Best of all we plan to enhance our online presence through social media, online advertising and content marketing. By improving our visibility and reach online we can attract new clients and expand our impact. 


What advice would you like to give readers that hope to achieve success in your field? Has this changed in any way from advice you have previously given to Winner Magazine readers?

Some of the advices that I offer to readers hoping to achieve success in the immigration field is to build knowledge and expertise, since the immigration field is complex and constantly evolving and changing, so its essential to stay up-to-date on the latest policies, regulations and best practices. Most importantly, develop strong relationships with clients partners and stakeholders is essential in the immigration field. Building trust, communicating effectively and providing exceptional services are key elements in achieving success.       

Is there anything else you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers?

I would like to give a special thanks to the Winner Magazine team for their continued support of the Canadian Businesses. Keep up the good work.  


We thank Ramin for sharing these insights and experiences with Winner Magazine's readers.  If you are looking for Immigration and Residency Services in the Greater Toronto Area, we would recommend reaching out to Ramin at Mirzadegan Immigration!

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