Here are Several Ways Mirzadegan Immigration & Citizenship Service Helps To Boost The Economy

Mirzadegan Immigration & Citizenship Service is a GTA-based  immigration consultancy that makes the transition to becoming an immigrant to Canada and a permanent resident smooth. The company is listed as one of the best businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board. They work with applicants through the entire process: right from the first moments when someone is considering their options and through the entire application. They even help recent arrivals after they've arrived in Canada.

A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), Ramin is the CEO of Mirzadegan Immigration and Citizenship Services Inc. He's brought over 25 years of experience in different Industries and memberships in professional Canadian associations to this business.

 The company offers a variety of help with different programs. Here are several different ways they help to boost the Canadian economy.

  •  Ramin Is available to help applicants find out if they are eligible for The Business Immigration Program. This is one way his services strengthen the Canadian economy by creating job opportunities through business startups.
  • His services also include helping applicants who are looking to qualify under The Self-Employed Class. The Mirzadegan Immigration & Citizenship Service providers have years of experience helping applicants sort through the selection factors that include education, age, and experience. 


The company looks after all of the details to make sure an immigration process is efficient and hassle-free. For example, interested people can find an assessment form right on the website that allows you to detail your education and work experience by filling in the convenient tabs. The sections include financial statements of your assets like investments and property.

Mirzadegan Immigration & Citizenship Service Offers help with several other programs specifically designed to help the Canadian economy by bringing in qualified immigrants. These options include:

 Help With The Federal Skilled Worker Class 

Ramin provides outstanding legal advice based on your goals. He's available to help assess your application based on whether you have a valid job offer and your work experience, education, age and other factors. 

Reza A went through the process with Mirzadegan Immigration & Citizenship Service and was compelled to leave a glowing review: 

“I had an amazing experience with Mirzadegan Immigration and Citizenship Service. The visa process went so smooth for Canada and even though, they helped me out for the job part as well. “

There are several other programs this consultancy helps with. They include:

  • A Start-Up Visa Program
  • The Provincial Nominee Program. 
  • The International Mobility Program and others

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Mirzadegan Immigration & Citizenship Service provides legal advice to help people better understand and evaluate their eligibility for immigration processes. We recommend them for people looking to immigrate into Canada. .  



Read Ramin's 2022 interview, here: link


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