5 Outdoor Home Design Ideas for 2023

 The spring is the perfect time to re-vamp your winter-worn garden and bring life to some modern and creative new outdoor theme ideas!  Here are a few to get you started:

1. Edible Gardens


Edible gardens are one trend that HGTV personality and interior designer Shay Holland has observed her clientele requesting. "I adore this trend because it makes me think of how my family and I used to live. We would gather blackberries throughout the summer (and half the time just eat them straight out of the basket), add ripe tomatoes from the neighbor's garden to a salad, and on special occasions, sugar-frost flower petals for a delectable cake topper.

2. Outdoor Fitness Spaces

The designers of Tilly believe that a dedicated outdoor fitness area is a popular request and that it's important to make the room functional for at-home workouts in addition to having the space. According to Yost, "from a design standpoint, we'll want to make sure this area has shade, whether it's under a pergola, a shade sail, or possibly a fantastic existing tree." "The ground needs to be somewhat level—maybe it's on grass, a brand-new bluestone patio, or a wood deck."

Wi-Fi connection is a useful option for streaming exercises or just listening to upbeat music. Yost claims that some people are considering more expansive options like bocce, putting greens, or even basketball courts in addition to the proper space for floor exercises or a stationary cycle. It's about making the most of your outside space to further your goals. 

3. Water Areas for Atmosphere

Water elements of all kinds, from bubbling fountains to chilly plunge pools, are raising the level of relaxation in backyards. Water plays a part in the sensory pathways trend as well, but here we discover potential for individual renewal. Particularly, Yardzen is seen a rise in interest in adding outdoor showers, hot tubs, and saunas to create spa-like settings where people can unwind without leaving the comfort of their homes. The bathroom design trends we're witnessing in 2023 also extend outside of the bathroom. 

source: bhg.com

4. Furniture With Curves

Curved furniture has become a major interior design trend in recent years, including couches, chairs, and even tables. It has a contemporary, appealing aesthetic. As of late, outdoor furniture has adopted this style, according to Kate Anne Gross of Kate Anne Designs. "We adore entertaining and dining outside on curved-back chairs. In addition to making it simpler to move around, they also soften the area's appearance and give interest to a yard's sharp edges, according to the speaker.

5. Lighting in Layers

Your patio, porch, or backyard will feel more welcoming for dinner parties or unplanned late-night beverages if it has adequate illumination. Larger places are also safer with lights, especially for children. Back, up, down, string, and floodlighting create a layered, upscale appearance. Additionally, it offers a lovely nighttime glow when the remainder of the garden can't be seen in its entirety, according to Gross. Additionally relatively cheap and simple to install yourself, string lights.




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