Smart High-Tech Furniture for Your Modern Home in 2023

What exactly is smart furniture?

The term "smart furniture" refers to household items having technology features. For instance, a speaker hidden within a drawer or a lamp you can control with your phone. Intelligent furniture is typically operated via your phone or voice commands.

Like all smart technologies, hassle-free days at home are the goal of smart furniture. And let's face it, it's rather attractive to have a TV at the foot of your bed. The multi-functionality of smart furniture is great for individuals who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic because you can avoid annoying bundles of charging cables and pointless clutter.

Here are our top three picks for some must-have smart home furniture in 2023:

1, LED smart mirror


You can avoid buying a waterproof radio by using the built-in Bluetooth speaker in this smart mirror to play music while you're in the shower. Additionally lighted, this bathroom accessory can seem rather stylish. You can simply find the light switch in the middle of the night thanks to the handy touch button that controls the LED lighting.

2. A smart washing machine


Since smart washing machines have advanced significantly in recent years, if you've been using the same old model for a while and are sick of constantly having to pay for repairs, it's time to splash out on a brand-new model to make washing your clothes simple and hassle-free.

The most advanced smart washing machines offer a variety of connected features, including detailed information about how effectively you're using your washer and how you can save energy going forward, as well as maintenance notices and tips to get the most out of it. They can be controlled remotely from a smartphone app. It even goes as far as automating your reorders of laundry detergent and softener, so if you're finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle and a never-ending to-do list, let it help lighten the load.

3. Sobro Coffee Table With Built In Fridge


This Sobro Coffee Table with Built-in Fridge is the pinnacle of couchside luxury and will have you relaxing in style. This chic coffee table comes equipped with a built-in beverages refrigerator, several USB charging connections, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lighting for a wonderful night in.

The fridge temperature, LED light colours, and Bluetooth speaker synchronisation can all be adjusted on the sturdy tempered glass countertop that also serves as a touch screen. Up to 40 bottles of cooled water or other beverages can be stored in the refrigerator drawer, which has an adjustable temperature range of 37 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Rich, deep bass is produced by the dual Bluetooth speakers, and the adjustable LED lighting makes it simple to control the mood in the space.

There is no need for a companion app because everything can be managed from the transparent glass tables. Four 120V power outlets and two USB charging connections are also integrated into the cushioned sides to keep all of your electronics charged. Additionally, extra storage drawers are useful for keeping gaming controllers or remote controls.

If you love high-tech furnishings and want to make your house as smart as possible, this incredibly cool coffee table will undoubtedly be a wonderful, albeit pricey, addition to your home.


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