Best Early Education Private Schools in Cypress, Houston for 2023

Families in Houston have varying priorities for their children's education, but what all parents have in common is that they want what is best for their children: a school that cultivates not just a strong academic foundation for their child, but also instills a set of values that align with that of the family.

If you are looking for a strong early years private education for your child in the Cypress area, we have narrowed down your search to two schools that stood out, and that have both been reviewed and verified by the United States School Review Inc.
One of these schools is secular and the other caters to fostering Christian values, in addition to offering traditional education. Take a look at the comparison, below, to determine which is best for your child:

  • Top Choice Secular School - Cypress Montessori School

    Ages: Infant to Kindergarten.

    School Philosophy: At Cypress Montessori School, we believe in putting a greater emphasis on developing students not only with a strong early childhood education, but also developing their gross motor skills, talents and overall well-being through enrichment programs.

    Curriculum Development: We have partnered with several renowned coaches and elite institutions such as former professional basketball player, ballerina, karate and soccer coaches to help prepare our students develop a strong foundation in character, sportsmanship, teamwork, focus, discipline and grit.

    Learning Outcomes: students to become leaders, gain self- confidence, increase cognitive development, obtain greater self-discipline and obtain better time- management skills at an early age.

    Registration: Email

    School Director: Abby Liu

  • Top Choice Christian School - Kardia Christian Academy

    Ages: Kindergarten – 7th grade

    Specialization: Christian Education

    Curriculum Overview: Kardia Christian Academy boasts an active, engaging environment where instructional decisions are intentionally made to support the growth of the whole student – spiritually, academically, and socially-emotionally – including small class sizes with dedicated teachers who seek to cultivate the God-given potential of each student.

    We follow both the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Biblical Worldview to guide the curriculum framework to meet or exceed the knowledge skillset requirements for each grade level in a number of subjects.

    Registration: contact our office at (281) 378-4050 or email

    School Director: Kim Rene Watson

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