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Inspiring one of the esteemed judges to quote Sir Francis Bacon with the saying, "Knowledge is power," Avi Shah and William Li came thoroughly prepared to clench a victory in the Highschool Division Finals for the 2023 CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.  These grade 10 students of University of Toronto Schools had managed to get a TDSB school on board for a pilot run of their affordable extra-curricular business idea even before their Finals pitch; having the faith of Ontario's school administrators in their corner, it came as no surprise that Avi and William were able to win over Judges and audience members, as well.  The proficient young entrepreneurs from UTS went on to earn the Judges' Choice Award AND Community Choice Vote for their business idea, "Students4Students."  .  Watch the video, below, to see Avi and William's full presentation and comments from impressed guest judges, Raj Dhanjal (founder of Farang Martial Arts),  Jennifer Donovan (founder of J. Donovan Law Group), and Bradley Jacobson (founder of UltraVac):

Avi & William's Winning Business Pitch


We offer a hearty congratulations to Avi and William for winning the High School Division Judge's Choice Award AND Community Choice Vote in the CSR National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge; we also commend Avi and William's teachers at University of Toronto Schools (private Toronto high school) for providing such a strong framework for learning entrepreneurial skills.  

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