This is Why Sharkish Immigration is Listed Amongst the Best for Immigration Services in Canada for 2023

In this review, we take a deep dive into an Immigration Services Provider that has made the BNS Best in Business List for top immigration service providers in Canada for 2023. 

The pillars of operational integrity that have qualified Sharkish Immigration to make this list include: 

  • A commitment to clarity
  • Ethical operation
  • Accountability toward consumer experience
  • Strong client-communication protocols

Let's take a look at how Sharkish Immigration excels in all these areas and more, while helping people achieve their immigration needs throughout Canada and overseas, as well:  

A commitment to clarity:

Operating from their well-established immigration office in Brampton, Ontario, Sharkish Immigration provides a number of Canadian immigration services that help their clients land and thrive in Canada, and these are all thoroughly explained through their comprehensive website.  Some of these services include assistance with:

Express Entry
What is Express Entry?

If the criteria are met, the Government of Canada's Express Entry System can enable talented people immigrate to Canada more quickly. If you possess the skills necessary to contribute to Canada's workforce, this often takes six months or less.

There are three programs Canada offers for Express Entry

  • The Federal Skilled Working Class (FSW)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST)
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

To ensure that there are no crucial mistakes in your application, it is beneficial to work with an experienced immigration consultant. As one of the best Immigration service providers in Canada, Sharkish Immigration can help you to gather all the required documents and utilize various methods to strengthen your CRS score for the best chances of achieving Permanent residency in Canada on your first try.

Provincial Nominee Program
What is a provincial nominee program?

You can be eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program if you want to dwell in a certain province and meet its conditions. You might be qualified for quicker entrance into Canada if you meet the requirements set forth by each province and territory. It is based on a point system, and provincial government draws are used. Following the nomination, the candidate must still apply to the Canadian federal government for PR approval.

Business Investors

Canada is open to foreign investors, companies, and independent contractors who have the necessary skills and competencies to boost the country's economy. You might be eligible for this program if you have a start-up business, money to invest, or a comparable financial situation.

Family Sponsorships 

Families in Canada can be reunited in a variety of ways thanks to government initiatives. If you meet specific criteria, a family member who is already a resident of Canada may sponsor your immigration.

Visitor Visa

To travel to Canada for pleasure, to see family, or to conduct business, you need a visiting visa. You might be qualified to apply for a visitor visa rather than permanent residency if you only intend to stay in Canada for a little time.

Work Permits

To travel to Canada for pleasure, to see family, or to conduct business, you need a visiting visa. You might be qualified to apply for a visitor visa rather than permanent residency if you only intend to stay in Canada for a little time.


If you were found to be inadmissible to Canada, you might be able to get your status changed so that you can enter the country either permanently or temporarily. The length and complexity of this process will depend on the particular grounds for your exclusion.

Study Permits

If you want to come to Canada to study at an accredited Canadian university, college, or post-secondary program, you can apply for a study permit that will let you stay in the nation while you finish your education. It also lets you apply for a post-graduate work permit that will give you permanent residency in Canada once your studies are over.

Ethical operation: Licensed Immigration Consultant in Brampton

When it comes to the handling of such complex legal matters as immigration, it is critical that licensed professionals oversee the process. When working with Sharkish immigration on your immigration case, you can be rest assured that Heena Verma, the founder, is an active member in good standing with the ICCRC (responsible for professional standards).  Sharkish Immigration is also certified with the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant - RCIC – R707012).

Accountability toward consumer experience:

Their many positive reviews are a testament that Sharkish Immigration delivers on the promises it makes to help meet the immigration needs of their clients.  Here is one video that shares a client's experience working with Sharkish Immigration:

Strong client-communication protocols:

In addition to a strong track-record of client satisfaction, exhibited through their glowing reviews, Sharkish has further enlisted as a BNS Best in Business feature, undertaking a partnership with our review organization to be an active on-going member in mediating any additional client feedback.  This truly shows an exceptional level of accountability toward hearing with their clients have to say, in the interest of maintaining their elite level of performance in the immigration industry. 

Considering all these reasons, we encourage you to feel confident in Sharkish Immigration's commitment to their pledge: "Work with a professional immigration consultant who can guide you throughout every step of the process and make sure you’re all set to move to Canada successfully."

If you are looking for an immigration services provider serving Canada and overseas, we recommend reaching out to Sharkish Immigration.

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