Most Influential Leader of 2023 Announced

In just two weeks, thousands of votes came in for our Most Influential Leader of 2023 nominees.  Each one of our nominees has displayed outstanding entrepreneurial acumen with a list of previous awards, and further, they have shown themselves to stand apart as leaders in their fields by offering their wisdom through Winner Magazine mentorship interviews.

Among our 2023 list of nominees we had entrepreneurs representing an array of fields, ranging from culinary specialization to private education and everything in between.  The mentors have come in from Canada and the US, and they truly embody the title of the magazine featuring their interviews: "North America's Top Professionals."

Through their mentorship interviews, our nominees have shared life-changing advice for our readers, and the appreciation has returned in spades; showing their support for most-inspiring interviews, readers have voted in compelling numbers for several of our outstanding candidates for Most Influential Leader of 2023.  

The top winner of this title will receive a web badge of distinction that reflects their physical award.  The top-three-voted will receive offers to sit as esteemed judges in the 2024 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge that will take place virtually, next May.  

Bestowing the title of Most Influential Leader of 2023 is an honour for the BNS News and Winner Magazine team, as this is an award that distinguishes an individual not just for their business skill or customer reviews, but for their ability and willingness to share their personal and entrepreneurial strategies for growth; these are the markings of someone who is more than a leader; they are the markings of a world-changer. 

With the multitude of votes that have come in for these unforgettable features, we are pleased to first announce the two runners up for the Most Influential Leader of 2023 award:

Dr. Kristy Bailey of FCP Dermatology (Toronto) and Abby Liu of Cypress Montessori School (Houston)

"With her clients' glowing faces as her biggest testimony, Dr. Kristy Bailey has led her dermatology clinic, FCP Dermatology, to earn a top-ranking reputation in the Toronto community.  Offering a wide range of traditional and innovative skin care services, Dr. Kristy Bailey has adapted across adversity to not just sustain, but to also proliferate the success of FCP Dermatology.  Appearing as an expert on such popular shows as Breakfast TV, BNN Bloomberg, and Marilyn Dennis, Dr. Bailey has impressed both, TV audiences and renowned review organizations; FCP Dermatology was recently the recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for dermatology services in Toronto and Dr. Bailey is rated #1 on RateMD.  Read Dr. Bailey's interview, below, to learn more about the services that give FCP Dermatology a leading edge and the strategies used by Dr. Bailey and her team to stay on top: click here:" read Dr. Bailey's full 2023 interview

"Coming from a family of established education administrators, Abby Liu has carried on the torch of excellence to lead Cypress Montessori School (CMS) to achieve a number of notable recognitions in recent years.  CMS was nominated for Top Choice Montessori School of Houston three years in a row, and the school was also nominated into the Business Hall of Fame for four consecutive years by the Houston Award Program.  Leading by example, Abby represents the same balanced strengths of body and mind that she aims to instill in her young learners. Read Abby's full interview, below, to learn about her personal journey of success, as well as what her plans are to best prepare students in the future:" read Abby's full 2023 interview

The prestigious title of first-place winner of this years' Most Influential Leader across North America goes to:

Jennifer Donovan of J. Donovan Law Group (New Brunswick)

"Winning over our readers as one of the top-voted nominees for Most Influential Leader of 2022, Jennifer Donovan is a Winner Magazine favourite, and we were thrilled when she agreed to share the secrets behind her recent successes in this follow-up interview.  The leader of J. Donovan Law Group in New Brunswick, Jennifer has not only doubled the languages served, but she has also more than tripled her business and list of awards since her achievements first caught our eye.  What has left us speechless is that her strategy strongly involves one of Winner Magazine's most coveted pillars of integrity for any top-rated professional: the principle of giving back.  From helping her own staff, to her clients, to children, and the entire view on women's potential in the field of law, Jennifer has found a way to turn her "Epic Giveaways" into her epic success.  Read her full interview below to learn how Jennifer, the recipient of countless awards for legal services in New Brunswick, has continued to grow a business as big as her heart!  " - read Jennifer's full 2023 interview

Honourable mention goes to (alphabetical order):

Congratulations to all our 2023 nominees on being positive agents of influence through their insightful interviews
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