Moving with Morals: Arslan Turganov's Ethical Approach to Relocation with STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO

Arslan Turganov, the dynamic Operational Manager of STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO, brings a unique blend of passion, innovation, and community focus to the competitive moving industry. In his candid interview with Winner Magazine, Arslan shares the heartfelt story behind naming his company after his daughter Stella, symbolizing his commitment to fighting for human rights and shining as a beacon of trust and excellence. Under Arslan's thoughtful leadership, STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO has not only provided top-tier moving services but has also earned an impressive array of accolades. These include being named "Best Moving Company" by the San Diego Award Program for three consecutive years and securing a spot among Forbes' "10 Best Movers in San Diego, CA of 2024." Such recognitions denote the company’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction in a field often fraught with challenges. As we unpack Arslan's journey and the philosophies that shape STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO, it's clear that his approach is not just about moving belongings, but about moving lives forward, making every detail count, and creating a positive impact that extends far beyond the business itself.

Everything I do, I do for my team members, and everything they do, they do for our customers.

  Arslan Turganov, Operations Manager at STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO

Q & A With Arslan Turganov, Operations Manager at STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO

What services does STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO offer?

We provide Moving & Delivery services, San Diego, CA and Surrounding areas.  

How did you first decide to start STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO, and what purpose did you intend to serve with the concept?

A lot of our customers are asking us why "STELLA"? Who is Stella?

If we translate from the OLD LATIN LANGUAGE, Stella means "FIGHTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS," and the only second meaning is "STAR." This is how we named the company STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY. The purpose of this beautiful name is very profound to me. I promised myself and my classmate in my sophomore year in university that if I had a daughter, I would name her STELLA. I was lucky enough to have a baby girl. She's three years old now, thanks to God!

With this profound meaning, I started to look at all my experience in moving services and the industry and all the mistakes owners of a moving company can make. The first thing is to keep all team members happy and create many good conditions around them, including unusual ideas. I've seen how badly some of the owners treat their employees. In the moving business, this is not a surprise. Everyone thinks only about money and how to be even more profitable. I choose the most challenging way - being different and thinking differently.

I created a statement, slogan, and vision. I start driven by that and make everything revolve around this statement:

We believe in thinking differently in everything we do. We believe in changing the status quo of the moving industry. We are hiring people who believe what we believe. 

We are a team passionate about making better moving services and letting the satisfaction from these services speak for itself.

 Remember, we are here to HELP and SERVE YOU! 

Here is more from Arslan, who passionately explains the founding and ethos of STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO: 

My name's ARSLAN TURGANOV. I'm the operational manager and co-founder of STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO.

I came here as an immigrant in 2016. I graduated with a BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in 2022 from SOUTHERN STATES UNIVERSITY, SAN DIEGO, CA. I already had experience in the moving industry.

I learned about the value of details from Steve Jobs. However, I was surprised I could apply this philosophy to the moving industry. Unfortunately, the moving industry has been built with a lack of trust and scammers. The only way to return this TRUST is by being very detail-oriented. For example, a client's specific chair may hold a valuable memory related to their parents or a person who passed away already.

This is how STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO was born.

Stella Moving & Delivery is the most affordable and understanding full-service moving company, handling all stages of the process.

The moving industry's most challenging part is having reliable people for the long term. It's not a prestigious job to be a mover. I have to think outside of the box. So, at STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY, I created the formula: "EVERYTHING I DO, I DO FOR MY TEAM MEMBERS, AND EVERYTHING THEY DO, THEY DO FOR OUR CUSTOMERS."

Every award is enormous and very vital for us - mainly for our team members. I want them to feel and know that the best organization in the business field recognizes their hard work ethic and professionalism.

I want all of them to be on the stage and share their feelings about this achievement with people and our customers. It's all about them! This is their award!

SAN DIEGO BUSINESS Steve Jobs once said, "Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." 

Which steps have you taken for the company to achieve the level of consumer trust that has been nationally recognized? 

From childhood, I have focused all of my attention on the details. This has dramatically helped me build a company like Stella Moving & Delivery | San Diego. I'm a massive fan of Steve Jobs and have learned many things from him. I've been applying his philosophy to the moving industry and business. It sounds wild, but some of it works perfectly.

Teamwork is not just a buzzword; it's the backbone of any successful company. It's the synergy of a strong team that can accomplish what an individual cannot. Each member's unique contribution is what propels us forward.

Our principles:

  • A single goal.
  • Complementary skills.
  • Strict productivity requirements.
  • Mutual responsibility.
  • A small number of people.

The team is the segment that can best implement each employee. Forming groups is the most desirable and logical thing that can happen to a working couple, so working with a section for any manager should be one of the mandatory skills.

I explained every job to the lead person and provided more details about the customer. I aim to provide information on the job and psychological portraits of the client. During a phone conversation with a potential customer, I can predict whether this customer is demanding or sensitive. What's the most fragile and delicate item?

One of the most empowering aspects of our strategy is equipping our team with the skills to understand and adapt to different types of customers. This not only helps us address their concerns effectively but also enables us to find positive solutions in almost any situation.

I spend a lot of time teaching them to work correctly, and even in simple work or tasks, my teammates know you cannot underestimate any job. 

Every detail matters. The more we know about customers, the better we can serve them!  

What part of your education or other experiences do you feel was the most helpful in preparing you for success?

First, I have a Bachelor of Business Administration from SOUTHERN STATES UNIVERSITY, San Diego, CA. I learned how to build business projects from the books and my professors. In my second year, I already know and experience everything related to the moving industry. I made a presentation for our professors and classmates. It significantly helps to shape the vision.

Second, I believe every person must have a goodwill story for the community or underprivileged people. We have been working with the San Diego Community College District for the last two years. (SDCCD) to provide moving services for HOMELESS STUDENTS.

We moved professors from this college and discussed how we could help people. Then, they organized this program. They chose us because we have friendly manners and patience. We trained our team members to be extraordinarily detailed and careful when we serve the students from this program because some have mental problems or any other mental illness. 

We love the moment we move them, and they're happy; they have their place and can start a new page in their lives. For us, it's a great honor and responsibility to serve future leaders of the UNITED STATES.

Third, I'm a bodybuilding athlete with NORTH AMERICAN NATURAL BODYBUILDING FEDERATION. I force myself to train four times weekly and compete with the best natural bodybuilders in the United States. It helps me calm and relieve my negative energy. To be on top, you must be mentally at the top of your mind's potential and compete with the best.      

Which strategies have you found the most effective in growing your audience/ bringing awareness of your service to a larger consumer group?

We frequently update our websites, updating service photos or providing helpful information for our customers. Most of our customers come from word of mouth. Plus, we help many organizations by providing some moving services for free.

SITE: Stella Moving & Delivery | San Diego & Southern California | Local Movers & Moving Services


FACEBOOK: Facebook

INSTAGRAM: Instagram

TWITTER: STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO (@StellaMoving) / X (         

Are there any challenges that made it difficult to continue operation and that you managed to overcome?  What was your approach to get past these?

In the UNITED STATES, we have tough times with INFLATION, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC CRISIS. The marketing strategy needs to be improved, no matter how heavily you advertise online. I've seen a lot of companies shutting down. We only have a few jobs. Plus, I must reduce some things that fit our budget and business expenses. However, I did not decrease the payroll for our employees. I also increased the bonus system. I put them first more than ever. I started working almost 24/7 because I know they have family and children. 

My goal is to keep them busy, no matter what the marketing conditions are. I put my employees and customers above myself and the financial benefits. It's not easy at all. However, these ethics and values help us survive and deliver excellent service in extreme conditions.         

What are some ways you use your success to give back to the community/any causes that are meaningful to you?

We must ethically conduct business with our customers and ourselves. I teach our team members to be incredibly honest with me and my customers. If we break something, leave a scratch or furniture damage, we must stop the job, show that to the customer, and write a report in the "REVIEW FORM."

After the job, our team tries to find a "WIN-TO-WIN CONVERSATION with the customer." We can provide compensation or reimbursement, and clients can still trust us after we analyze our mistakes and try to learn from them.

As humans and movers, we engage in the physically demanding task of moving, daily. We acknowledge that errors can occur but are confident that we will rectify them. This is a testament to the nature of our business and our commitment to maintaining service quality.     

What are your future plans to build on your personal/ company achievements and fulfill your vision for success/ what developments can your audience or clientele look forward to expecting next?

Our vision for the future is simple: to help our customers safely relocate their household goods and always help our community in every need.     

What advice would you like to give readers that hope to achieve success in your field?

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - STEVE JOBS     

Is there anything else you would like to share with Winner Magazine readers?

TRUST THE PROCESS (our slogan)

In everything we do, we believe in changing the status quo of the moving process. We believe in THINKING DIFFERENTLY. We are hiring people who believe what we believe. 

We are a team passionate about making better moving services and letting this satisfaction of services speak for themselves.

Remember, we are here to HELP and SERVE YOU!     

We thank Arslan Turganov for sharing his inspiring journey and insights with Winner Magazine's readers. If you are in need of reliable and high-quality moving services in the San Diego area, we highly recommend reaching out to Arslan at STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO. Visit their website at STELLA MOVING & DELIVERY | SAN DIEGO to learn more about their services and dedication to excellence that sets them apart in the moving industry.

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