Could a Video Resume Help You Get the Job?

A video resume is a new concept that allows you to speak directly to your potential employer and let them know what makes you right for the role. It helps you make yourself stand out from the competition and highlight your strengths effectively. When done right, a video resume can help you get a job. So, the answer to could a video resume help you get the job is yes. Here are a few pointers on how to go about it to ensure that you get your dream job.

When Should You Use a Video Resume?

You should use a video resume when the employer requires it. You can also use it when your written resume is quite extensive, and you know a recruiter won’t be able to read all the information in one go. A video resume will also be useful when you want to personalize your application and let a recruiter see you, hear you and witness you demonstrating your skills.

How to Make a Video Resume?

The process of making a video resume can be divided into some simple steps that are mentioned here:

Ø  Write a Script

To make your video resume impactful, you need to write a script. Make sure your speech has strong action verbs to increase the impact of the words you speak. The script should be more conversational rather than rehearsed, as the latter can give a negative impression.

Ø  Get a Space

Make sure you film the video in a space with appealing lighting and a neutral background. You can use props to enhance the beauty of the space but make sure that they don’t distract a viewer.

Ø  Record Many Takes

You can use a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or camera to record the resume. Ensure that you capture high-quality video with perfect audio and record several takes so that you can edit them and get one perfect video.

Ø  Add Some Visuals

You can also add extra visuals like infographics, clippings, photos, and other visual content in the resume to make it more appealing. There are several free software available online that you can use to edit the video nicely.

Ø  Seek Feedback

Once your video resume is done, you can seek feedback from your friends or colleagues and make any changes they suggest. Critically examine the last version yourself to ensure that the resume feels exactly right.

Tips to Enhance Your Video Resume

Ø  Talk about one of your outstanding skills, experience, or accolades.

Ø  Discuss something that’s not in the written resume, like any volunteer work you did.

Ø  Dress professionally and make sure you wear something that complements the background.

Ø  Follow the employer’s guidelines regarding length, editing, content, or submission.

Why Employers Love Video Resumes?

Ø  They are easy to store and organize.

Ø  Employers can witness the skills of the candidate for themselves.

Ø  It confirms that candidates are tech-friendly and confident with tech tools.

Ø  Employers can judge the communication skills of candidates.

Ø  It highlights whether a candidate has the X factor.

Ø  It demonstrates the candidates’ confidence in their own abilities.

Ø  Employers know whether a person loves what they do, or they are in it just for the money!

What are you waiting for? Make your own video resume today!

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