North America's Most Influential Leader of 2022

With tens of thousands of votes lighting up polls over the last couple of weeks,  Winner Magazine followers have been actively letting us know which Winning Circle features they have been most inspired by, and who they think should be awarded the title of Most Influential Leader of 2022 for North America.  

Winner Magazine is a mentorship series featuring Q&As with high achievers that have been recognized for noteworthy accomplishments in their respective fields.  Published to, these interviews have been a source of guidance and service recommendation for followers across the world.  With this year's impressive lineup of mentors featured through the North American Professionals Edition, voting opened on July 15, allowing our followers to have a voice in choosing the Most Influential Leader of 2022.  This morning, polls closed and we are pleased to share with you the results of the vote, and honourable mentions, as well.  

This Honourable Mention is to recognize an incredible number of reader emails received in recommendation of the following features: Jennifer Donovan of J. Donovan Law Group and Avi Zur of Toronto Auto Brokers.  


At last, here is the announcement you have all been waiting for:

Winner Magazine's readers have brought in a majority vote to award the title of North America's Most Influential Leader of 2022 to Bradley Jacobson of UltraVac!  You can expect Bradley's Extended Edition magazine publication to be published through in the coming week, along with the option to order a print copy with his award-winning interview and more about UltraVac.

You can read Bradley's original interview publication, online, at this link (click the cover, below): 

Congratulations to all of our features that received a strong vote count and that have now made our Recommended Reading List!  This list is posted below, and will also be featured on the Winner Magazine landing page.

For those that would like to have their favourite feature or potential feature candidate recognized for outstanding service, we are in the process of accepting and reviewing nominations and applications for Trust Awards to recognize and recommend Winning Circle features that have outperformed other service providers in their region.  To find out more about our Trust Awards, visit this link, or read about our first 2022 Trust Award recipient, here: Top Plowing Company in the Greater Toronto Area

Are you working on growing or starting a business? Or are you simply looking for a source of motivation and inspiration from real professionals that have shared their personal journeys to meet meaningful benchmarks for success?  Perhaps, you're looking for a professional service provider that offers a voice that resonates with you, before you engage in a contracted relationship.   In any of these cases, you will want to take a look through our top-voted features, linked to this Recommended Reading List:

Recommended Reading List:

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How to Leverage Integrity for Growth with Bradley Jacobson of UltraVac

Incredible Story of a Young Entrepreneur Succeeding with Chanelle Fleming of One Skn Inc

Personality Sells; Tips from Nicole Pollock of Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc

Practical Planning for Exceptional Results with Sonny Raissi of Toronto Comfort Zone

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Winning Management Tips From Avi Zur of Toronto Auto Brokers

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