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Taking a look at this Kingston, Ontario area pizza and subs restaurant made our writers drool:  Paradiso Pizza and Subs caught our eye for their recent award from the CBRB Canadian Business Review board for exceptional pizza restaurant services, and when we checked out more information, we couldn't stop looking at their delicious menu items!  Run by a lovely Sicilian couple, Paradiso brings a taste of authentic Sicilian food and hospitality to the Kingston area.  Read the full 7 points below to find out more about their inclusive menu selections for diners of all types, and also to hear what customers have to say about their mouth-watering pizza and warm service:

"Whether you're a fan of classic toppings or like to get adventurous with your order, our pizzas are made to please."

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Pizzas Made to Please!  7 Reasons to Choose Paradiso Pizza and Subs in Kingston, Ontario 

1. Pizza and Doubles 

Whatever your cheesy craving may be, from pizzas to panzerotis, Paradiso Pizza and Subs has a dish for you!  With a toppings list that doesn't seem to end, all their cheesy options are totally customizable.  Better yet, their options include cruelty free vegan toppings, so there really is something for everyone.  On a budget?  That's where Paradiso's "doubles" incentive comes in: if you double up and get two of the same kind of pizza, they give you a great deal on the pair.  This perk is available for pies as small as 9 inches in diameter or as large as 27 inches in diameter!  Whether you're looking for a personal meal or a party pizza, they've got a great set of inclusive and cheesy options.

2. Subs, Pitas and Burgers

Beyond the classic pizza place menu items, Paradiso offers a number of mouth-watering selections including mediterranean gyros, subs, wraps, and burgers.  Much like their pizzas, these come in traditional, vegetarian, and vegan options, so everyone can find a dish that fits their diet.  Better yet, they have an incredibly long list of delicious toppings that you can add for free.

3. Extended Options for Kids 

Many parents face the challenge of their kids being picky eaters, however, that isn't an issue at Paradiso Pizza and Subs.  They have every food item kids love, from chicken nuggets and nacho chips to delicious desserts like apple pie and donuts.  For kids during the school day, Paradiso even offers nutritious lunchtime options.   

4. Catering

If you're throwing a party and need that Paradiso flavour at another venue, Paradiso has you covered.  They offer acclaimed catering services in the Kingston area for get-togethers of all sizes.  

5. Personalized and Authentic Service

Unlike most big pizzeria chains, Paradiso is not run by cold-hearted corporate personnel that are simply aiming to make a buck in mass numbers; take a look at their transparent website to catch a glimpse of the warm couple behind the Paradiso name. Silvio and Lucia La Duca are a couple from Sicily that have brought the flavours they know so well to the Kingston area.  They have been bringing a piece of Sicily to Kingston for over 15 years!  It is no wonder they offer such homely service to all their clientele.

7. Reviews

The Paradiso couple has charmed the hearts of many hungry Kingston area customers, and these customers have shown their gratitude by leaving wonderful reviews.

Dean Nicholle says, "Awesome place very friendly staff and the owners are always smiling. I would recommend their pizza to anyone who wants a good pizza and not cardboard like pizza pizza."

Local guide, John Shular, says, "We got a meat pizza slice a Canadian pizza slice and a pepperoni slices All for under $15 and the slices are huge and very tasty pizza, definitely will go back again or have it delivered."

If you are looking for a Pizza Restaurant (with subs, wraps, and more)  in the Kingston, Ontario area, we recommend checking out Paradiso Pizza and Subs!     

Take a look at their social channels, below, for more information.

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